Thursday, April 16, 2009

10,000 A.B. and Other Fascinations

Two months ago I (meaning Bo) added a counter to my blog. It was extremely addictive watching it click and tick. Today it turned over the 10,000 mark! So it is now officially 10,000 A.B. - After Blog (really after blog began minus two months but that whole thing - A.B.B.M.T.M. - would look ridiculous so I'll just use A.B. because it serves the purpose and looks right and capitalizes on the whole history thing and oh, really, nevermind.) Let's just say I'm going with it.

And let's just also say that I find this terribly exciting and loads of fun!

Now, I have also added a "StumbleUpon" feature which I in no way understand but which somehow gives me more visibility in the blog world, hence, may, in theory, bring in more readers. The same is true for "Digg" which I actually do understand a little more. You, my dear readers, can access Digg by clicking on the button and recommeding this site or a post you like and that, in theory, may bring others in to read it and raises my rankings. You do have to write a little comment, I think, which may put some of you off. I don't blame you. Only go there if you really want to.

And I now have lots more people following me on Twitter and most of them I've never heard of so I am completely baffled as to what they like about me or my boring Twitter posts. Twitter example from today: "Am doing Myers Briggs personality tests with both kids and for my husband in his absence. Not sure why husband and I are not both in jail for mutual murder of one another. Wait. How would that work?" I guess this level of analysis is attracting them. It seems one would not be able to proceed in life without this valuable input. I am flattered. But stymied.'

More "Twig" story tomorrow!


Please keep praying for Stellan (see picture to the right of this post). He is truly in need. You can click on the picture and read the latest. He is being flown to Boston for treatment and the details are available on their site. My mother's heart just aches for him and his parents as they wait and watch. Thank you for your prayers.


  1. It's your absolutely dynamo humor that draws them! Not a bit hard to figure...

  2. Thanks for all that Robynn. Feel like blog coming on!myself on this. My statcounter will be 'fired' soon because I am very disappointed with it. It just lets people get away when I want them to stay - I need something a little more 'proactive'. I think I must have a nasty piece of work lurking somewhere deep within my blog because it is amazing the number of times I see visits of duration 0 seconds, time and time again and I keep asking myself, "Why?". It is as if some hiddeous monster jumps out at the poor unsuspecting innocents, shouting, "Boo!" and frightens them away. I really must get this fixed because it is depriving the world of entertainment far exceeding that on any gogglebox, would you not agree? Do you have the same problem I wonder?
    What I really need is a sweet talking, assertive, highly entertaining audio visual assistant who's job is to grap every hit by the 'short and curlies' and bind them right there in their seats making them watch, listen and inwardly digest!
    Do you know where I can get something like this?
    Your buddy
    Eddie x

  3. I don't understand some of the Twitter followers either, but I do love your sense of humour!

  4. hmm, I just started blogging, so most of this post has me curious. I do know Twitter. Join the Ashton Nation (aplusk) so he can write that $100,000 check to the Malaria foundation. And my twitter for today was my need of a GPS unit to find my way out of Ikea. :)

  5. S & S - You are biased. I love you for that (and many other reasons!)

    Sharon: Thank you!

    Eddie: Perhaps they had A.D.D. (it afflicts this family!) and cannot stop long enough to appreciate you. Anyone who can write what you just wrote in a dashed-off comment should have hundreds of followers. Wish I could provide the assistant you seek. Unfortunately, had I found her, I would have already employed her and you would have to pay big money to steal her from me! lol

    Jientje: You are too kind!

    Sara: LOL! You NEED a GPS for THAT!

  6. I think every time I come now, I see more followers and I do a little inner happy dance! I'd just be happy to get mine off of 13 as I may or may not be superstitious, but I sort of wince every time I see 13 :)

    Congrats on 10 thousand and here is to the next 10 grand and more!

  7. I'm going to agree with Sniffles here,.... it HAS to be your humor and bright writing! You GO, girl!

  8. I beg to differ...I am a former journalist, and so I just call things as I see them :-) But YOU are certainly biased! LOL. Sent you an email...not sure if that's a special email address for your blog or if it's your regular, but just in case you don't check it frequently, I thought I'd give you a heads up!

  9. I follow you cuz I think your funny.

  10. Robynn...
    Congrats on hitting 10,000! *Happy Dancing* Have A Great Weekend!

  11. Twitter? ..that's what the birdies do. And 'tweet, tweet', of course too.
    "Rankings"? ... is there a ranking system that I don't know about?!? Not, that I should be too concerned... ye (or is it 'me') of a small handful of followers.
    I won't even try to stumbled upon the thing that diggs... for, I just know birds twitter and tweet.

  12. Congratulations on 10,000!

  13. I just have fun blogging, but I suppose I should be counting. I have a SPOT, but it doesn't Twitter. Unless I press the right button and then it's more like a chirp. Butterfly and I took it on a hike to Codfish Falls, in case one of us fell and broke our necks, so we could call for help. Everyone should have one.

  14. Hi My new transatlantic buddy. There is a big debate here as to whether we should revert to speaking in Sahakesperean. I would value your opinion - please come round to my place, scroll down until you see the post with me and my funny thinking hat! Off to work now. Thanks for the emails will reply tonight! Eddie x

  15. Congratulations on having so many visitors.