Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Word Wackiness Contributions

"Froggy Chaos" by Suzanne Brown

Okay.....most of you probably don't go back and read comments so I'm sharing these with you. I don't know why these hit me so funny but they do. And you guys are funnier than they are. Here's what you've come up with so far:

Lady Fi: Tizet: Something you get into when you fly into a panic.. I'm in a real tizet today!

Tatersmama: Dente: Like I could really sink my teeth into this post!!!

Knitnut,Karen: Podunk: Like I'm in a podunk mood today, meaning,nothing is turning out right or I"m dropping everything I touch.

And then you got warmed up:

BZ: Vires: An illness that causes one to not spell correctly (this one made me LOL loving words an all.....!)

Lady Bird World Mother: Reveria: Sounds like very up market party. 'Oh, darling, you simply must have a Reveria... everyone is now, you know..,'

Ga.Farmwoman: Alypsiv: Sounds like a new ski trick down the alp mountains.Or maybe a new baby name.

Kadezmom: Sahlvin: As in "I'm salvin the word's problems one stitch at the time!" (another one that made me laugh out loud)...the southern accent made me think of one I got.......

Robynn: Parple: Purple, in the south.

Tatersmama: No Tief: As in, "I have no tief to eat chocolte wif anyway!" (She was complaining because I didn't send HER any chocolate when she was sick but now I'm asking her to send me some. I lied and told her I did and she didn't get it. But this made me ROFL anyway!)

and BZ was the final entry:

Genetto: (pronounced jen'-et-toe)- Ghetto based DNA(genetics + ghetto) - another LOL.

Thanks for entertaining me while I'm worthless. You GUYS are clever GIRLS!


  1. "Everything you just say is my favorite thing to do...every day."

    Are you kidding? I LOVE going back and reading other people's comments! (sometimes I wonder why I click that little "Email follow-up comments" box, because I end up with hundreds of other bloggers comments in my mailbox, but there ya go - I love it.)

    And I've been known to screw up a word verification on purpose, just to see if I can't get something more interesting. But shhhhh...don't tell.

    word veri: ovader

    Want chocolate? It's ova der. >>>

  2. Pretty Funny!I love to read the comments also... Those who don't really miss out! I think...
    Thanks for sharing...

    Keep on Truckin

  3. Oh, I love these words. I just increased my vocabulary!

  4. Those are too funny. Today I have "thypsy" ... you know, it's how you feel when you get your tongue pierced and drink a few too many margaritas.

    Hope everyone is feeling better at your house. And thanks for the link to the girls ... I'm praying.

  5. Very cute -liked reading the comments... and TM (Aussi-lady) just has me rolling with the ongoing chocolate saga.

    Pdysityh: pronounced "pidy'-sity" -the town I live in (in my head) when I'm having a "pity-party".

  6. Love all the new invented words!

  7. Robynn,
    congratulations on winning the contest. You can pick up your giftcard via email. Have a wonderful and blessed day! You deserve it!!!!!

  8. WHAT????!!!!!!

    I WON???!!! OMGOSH!!! I NEVER win drawings. I mean NEVER. This is such a happy day! THANK YOU so much Treehouse. I would visit and comment on your site no matter what, you know that. I just LOVE you! But the gift card is such a treat. Thanks for making my day. I'll be shopping for a George MacDonald book. Yay!!!!