Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Word Verification Wackiness 1

"Froggy Chaos" by Suzanne Brown

I think I'll start a new category here.

We combine words to create new ideas or convey stories, thoughts, feelings, etc. The possibilities seem limitless but our word choices aren't. They have remained fairly static. Until now. The world's gone crazy.

In computer land a whole new language is being created randomly and we have to type the new words everyday when we want to leave comments. It's called "Word Verification."

I like to come up with definitions because the words are too great, or insane, or hysterical, to pass up. Let's make up our own definitions. Some explanations seem obvious but others are like those personalized license plates you can't figure out and they drive you nuts. Am I the only one who chases people and makes them roll down the window and tell me what in the heck they're trying to say? Many years ago we had a license plate that said, "WE HMSCL." Seems obvious to me but Grizzly's nephew thought it meant, "Whimsical." I LOVED that! One of my favorite words. So, meaning is obviously in the eye, and brain, of the beholder. Here's a smattering of my brain beholdings (ew, that sounds gross........!):
(Update: this afternoon - what kind of lexicographer am I to not include pronunciations?)

SHELOGIE (sha-low-gee): A hogie sandwich from a deli in Sheboygan, WI.

FATION (fat-shun): What "Fashion" becomes when I put it on.

DIALNGRI (die-ul-angry): The phone call that came right before "Dial 'M' for Murder."

ANTURDS (ant-poop): What you find in little ant toilets. (Sorry, it was that 5th grade boy who lives in my head!)

Okay, what have YOU got?!

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  1. WHat have I got? Let's see.. nothing at the moment...

    Ah - it says SNEAKEE ... let's take a peakee...

  2. I want to do it again! Got Tizet: something you get into when you fly into a panic.. I*m in a real tizet today!

  3. Mine says DENTE
    ...Like I could really sink my teeth into this post!!!

    Some of the word verification's I've gotten, make me LMAO!

  4. Well, I tend to use:"Podunk". Like I'm in a podunk mood today, meaning,nothing is turning out right or I"m dropping everything I touch.

  5. Okay, I swore that I would take WHATever word I'm given and make a definition.
    Let's see- Oh, yes, I have this frequently...
    "Vires": an illness that causes one to not spell correctly.

  6. I've got 'reveria' - sounds like very up market party. 'Oh, darling, you simply must have a Reveria... everyone is now, you know..,'
    Oh, this is fun!

  7. Mine is alypsiv. Sounds like a new ski trick down the alp mountains.
    Or maybe a new baby name.

    Robynn, I am surprised your birdhouse hasn't made it to you yet. I could have rode Jack(the donkey) there and back by now.
    Hope it gets there soon.

  8. salvin - I'm going for sahlvin and in I'm salvin the word's problems one stitch at the time!

    I lvoe love love that quilt on the top of yoru blog.

  9. Okay - now I won't be able to let a word verificatin "go".

    Todays is: mxmbo - I'll have to think on this for a while.