Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why The Heck Do You Blog? I Mean REALLY?

I am unstable.

I come from California. I haven't seen many happy cows. Mostly I see them all crowded together and standing on Kilimanjaro size piles of poop. But it's also known as the land of fruits and nuts out here. That I can concur with. I fit right in.

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "What is the MATTER with that idiot?" when encountering someone who does something really stupid or makes absolutely no sense? And then you realize you're having enough trouble just analyzing your own internal landscape? So, how could there possibly be any hope for figuring out another person's issues? And then you go on a long tirade of trying to figure out why you ever did anything you did? And then you give up and eat ice-cream?

Well, I ask myself 13 times a day, "Why do you blog, Robynn?" and I answer with 23 different responses. Because I'm not all there. And I don't do the right ratios in the question-to-answer department. Math was never my best subject.

Lunch and boys were my best subject.

I had the biggest crush on Mike Karastathis when I was in the 5th grade. He was this cute Greek boy. I think he knew I was alive but I'm not sure he cared why. However, Galen (or something like that I can't recall due to extreme horror) knew why. It was so he could fawn over me and gaze at me on his 18th trip to the pencil sharpener. Him and his three teeth and his butch haircut. And his loud personality. And his "won't take no for an answer" pesky ways of following me around and declaring his love for me on an every-minute basis.

I don't write the blog for him.

Where the heck was I? What am I talking about?

On any given moment during the day I will give one of the following answers as to why I blog:

I love to write.
I love to make people laugh.
I love to make people feel.
Because people seem to like it.
Wait, there are only 2 comments. No one seems to like it.
I'm desperate.
I'm the scribe of the family writing down the good, the bad, and the utterly repulsive.
It's for my kids.
Maybe I'll make money someday. It's the beginning of a business.
It's been 3 months and you've made $7.48, Robynn. You're a mogul. Or a mongrel. Give up.
I'll put all these stories together one day and shove 'em in a book.
I love to stay connected with people.
It gives me happy motivation.
It gives me stress....I'll never write anything entertaining again. What was I thinking.
I'm building a writing discipline. Good writers write regularly.
I write for the naysayers. Those who hint to me that I must have a LOT of time on my hands.
I write for the yaysayers. Those who make me feel I have added something to their lives.
I like to share how I'm a mere mortal, stumbling and falling my way forward.

Because I like to connect with people and we connect with people in our humanity, our mistakes, and our weaknesses. Those who are reluctant, or loathe, to reveal their weaknesses can make you feel "less than." Perfectionism isn't that attracting. And we don't really believe it anyway, just so you know, you perfectionists you.

I am a perfectionist. I'm trying to be a good-enoughist. I am in conflict with myself. Where was I? Oh yeah.

Because maybe someone will see that without God's grace in my life, I wouldn't be here.
Maybe someone will realize their need for God's grace in their life and grasp that hope.
I love to write. Did I say that?
If you love to do something and you do it, is it automatically a weakness?
Do you see my struggle with paralysis of analysis?
I am unstable.

So, why do YOU write? I would REALLY love to know. Would you tell me? Then I can obsess about your reasons, too.

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  1. Oh Robynn, you write because you say what we all feel but don't have the eloquence of words to write it ourselves. Don't ever stop! I love your writing, even if I don't comment enough (these past two weeks especially) to let you know.

    I write because....well,hmmm,uh,my family wants to see pictures of us and know what's going on in our lives. I don't really write though, it's more like post pictures and comment on our daily "doings". But it's fun!

    Love you!

  2. If you were to come up with 32 open-ended reasons and frustrated... you'd have a perfect excuse to try ALL flavors at Baskin and Robbins!

  3. Why do I blog? After reading your absolutely hilarious post, I think I should just quit writing while I'm ahead! Or maybe I should have quit way back at the beginning! LOL. I'll never, ever be able to say things as humorously as you--not that I'm trying to be funny. But a little bit of levity wouldn't hurt. Oh well, we all can't be funny--someone has to be the straight man. *smile*

  4. Loved loved loved this post!

    Guess I write for the same reasons as you. The weird thing is I write for a living: yeah, get paid for it and everything! But then I'm writing stuff for my customers. In my own blog, I can write my own crap - so that's why.

  5. I don't remember writing. I think I fall into a trance and then it's published. I have no memory of what happened in between. Psychosis. Is there a pill for it?

  6. Why do I blog? Hmmm.... not a clue! But I know why I read your blog,... because you are an entertaining writer. I really enjoy your humor and your outlook on life. Keep on writing, my friend!



  8. Why do I blog? Your guess is as good as mine! But mainly because the husband and I don't have any family near us so it allows them to see what's goin' on. Plus I just LOVE it! Except when I post pictures of myself. That caused great anxiety!

  9. Hello, Robyn!
    Oh, you can't imagine how thrilled I am to "meet" you! I am a fellow home-schooler! I was raised in California, but now live on the other coast! Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me! I love this post! You ARE a kindred spirit, indeed! I blog because one Sunday when our pastor was out of town, our church's youth pastor spoke and challenged us to make a difference. He talked about blogging, and I said, "Blogging? What's that?" It's been a steep learning curve, but I love all my new friends! And now I will call you my friend as well! God bless!

  10. I blog because if I don't, I will wake up tomorrow having forgotten the cute thing my daughter did, the funny thing my son did or the sweet thing my hubby did for me. This is a truer to life snapshot of our life than any photo album could ever show! Along those same lines,I like to read other people's blogs because it is like reading a little snippet of their life.

  11. Okay... 94.273% of the reasons YOU blog are the reasons I blog.
    And would you stop!?! ..."unstable" PUhhhhllllease. You know I heard some great quote and for the life of me I cannot remember it, but it talked about what's normal and stable.... arrghh, if I could remember it.... maybe I'll find it.
    ANYway, you're more stable than a few horses in a barn put together.
    That said, remember... EVERYONE is normal... that is UNTIL you get to know them.
    Ohh and your "paralysis of analysis" ...I will have to remember that as I cannot COUNT the times I've been told I over-think stuff.

  12. Well, its been an evolutionary process for me. My reasons have expanded. First it was just to have a place to write. Then someone showed up and commented. Then I liked that. And then I started to write about more diverse topics, and more came and kept coming back. And I do love having a record for my kids of so much of what is on my blog. But I also know I wanted to write so people would KEEP coming back because they also became my friends. Ultimately, in this whole crazy process I realized, I LOVE TO WRITE. And now, I am waiting to see what happens next?

    But on the days its quiet and people aren't coming to read, I have to go back to my original thoughts for sanity's sake, I am happy just to be able to write at all.

  13. Ditto-s to you, Robyn! So great to share life together!

  14. Reg: You are too gracious but I thank you. I'm glad you write/post because I certainly love all of your subject matter!

    Frank Castle: Next time I get stuck in the mud, I'll steer, and you can get crabby and pull me to Baskin-Robbins!

    Homestay Mama: Your writing is warm and wonderful and very engaging. Don't change a THING! And no one in their right mind would ever aspire to be like me so congratulate yourself for your sensibility.

    Lady Fi: Oh THANK you and I read yours because you tell it like it is and always keep me entertained or laughing.

    Sharon: Don't take the pill. Whatever you're doing, it's working for you.

    Cedar: So glad you are here! And THANK you. I will keep linking words together and hopefully making sense.

    Lisa: REALLY? *blush*

    The Wife: YOU have GOT to be kidding. If you guys haven't seen her post today you should. I told her if I looked like her that's all y'all would see on here. My beautiful self. Just go look!

    Sniffles and Smiles: Wow. That's a different approach to blogging that I've never heard - a challenge from a pastor. Very cutting edge! Thanks for signing up to follow and so glad we met!

    Doctor's Wife: I'm glad you do because I sure enjoyed your vacation!! lol ALMOST felt like I was there.

    BZ: YOU CAN'T DO THAT! You can't tell me you share 94.273% of the same reasons and NOT tell me YOUR 5.727%! I'm too curious. lol And I LOVED the quote about being more stable than a "few horses in a barn." Made me laugh out loud! :)

    Vicky: Very well put. I agreed with all of it and will now add it to my mental list. You're absolutely right!

  15. Reasons I started Blogging...

    I love to write.
    I forget what my kids say as soon as the next thing flies into my head. It helps me to keep track of it and share with family who is far and wide.
    Sharing pics and my kids with family.

    Bonus reasons I found out after I started blogging.
    Comments! Love them!
    Being able to have a thought, or a picture, and create a fun train of thought with it.
    I had no idea so many people I know have blogs when I started. Being able to connect with those folks from the comfort of my home is encouraging, helpful, and just plain nice.
    I'm sure I could come up with a few more, but I have laundry.

  16. Robynn, you know you post because WE like it and you like to make us happy!! Plus, it makes you feel good!

  17. Therapy...

    That and I like to talk to myself and if I do it by writing on my blog, then no one in the house gives me strange looks... oh, and I like to think I can make people laugh and I like to show people the pictures I take and for them to feel sorry for me working so hard in the garden and to laugh at my wet schnauzers and to try to keep myself sane.

    Oh, and to try to stave off senility..... .... ...

    What was the question?


    w.v. - wantail I need a vacation.

  18. Ok I think you are my twin.
    And my gift card arrived today, thank you again so much.

  19. Well initially I blogged for my family. But now it has another purpose, I can read funny stuff written around the world. and some times I even learn stuff!

    Came her via LadyFi's blog

    Best wishes from Brittany France.

  20. Robynn,

    I blog because:

    It is fun!
    It relieves stress!
    It is art!
    It is community!
    It is inspiring!
    It motivates me!
    It makes me laugh!
    It makes me cry!
    It makes me take action!
    It encourages me!
    It touches others!
    It is everyday life!
    It continues!

    For that I am blessed!

  21. I have no clue why I blog. I really have so many other things I should be doing. But I sort of wanted to keep in touch with family and friends and let them know what we were up to. I think. I dunno. Good question.

  22. Because it makes me happy, it fills a need. Plain and simple. But I will go to Baskin-Ribbins if it makes it better!

  23. I wanted to meet other crazy, funny people out there in this big, beautiful world. Besides, Libby told me to!

  24. I want to write. Lots of stuff goes thru my head and I think "I should write that down" or "I'm going to write that down", and then I do something......else!
    One of these days....hmmmm....not holding my breath!

    BUT I sure enjoy your writing, no matter the reason!

  25. Naomi: Comments are good! Laundry is bad.

    Knitnut: I'm glad you like it and yes, I DO love it!

    Reddirt: Isn't that the TRUTH? It's OUR little spot and we can darn well do what we like. Whatever it was we were wantin' to do.....

    Aunt Kathy: Yay! For both!

    Blu: Excellent reasons! Glad you came by - I've been living at your music site off and on today. I'm in LOVE with your selections!!!!

    Treehouse Chef. Well done. You're right!

    Linda: Because you're GOOD at it!

    Chef Bliss: Do NOT go to Baskin-Robbins. It makes it worse in the END. oh hahahaha I crack myself up.

    Sassy Dog: Well met, friend. (It's a Lord of the Rings thing.) And you're smart to obey Libby. She'll get you if you don't.

    Teresa: You better start a blog girlfriend. You are a good writer and you're funny and they would love you here!

  26. Okay, I'm thinking...well TRYING to. It's WAY late and I'm trying to think of a way to eloquently put into words the other 5.727% of reason(s) why I blog.
    Short and simple: written words last.
    If/when I say it prettier (ha) and give back it up to it, I'll be calling... err, writing.

  27. Awesome blog! I saw a comment you left on Momcats blog and I really enjoyed visiting you!

    Why do we blog? I think as you say there are many reasons and each day is different. I find it like therapy and to get it all out sometimes helps a great deal!!

  28. I am so confused about my Music site because yesterday I saw that it had all gone?..where on earth are you looking? tee hee I am confused...

    I have had to start from scratch again

  29. I started to blog just for a place to put my thoughts and then I started to get comments and met so many new friends. I so enjoy reading yours and many others thoughts and humor. I wish I were as clever as you are, but oh well, some of us have to be the other side of the coin.

  30. BZ: That IS eloquently put - written words DO last and they go on after us. I did not articulate that thought, though I've had it too. Thank you for giving me the missing 5+%!!

    Lulu: You're RIGHT! Very therapeutic. And WELCOME!

    Blu: Sent the link to you through Blucamel.

    Kathy: We all have a different voice and that's what makes Blogland so VERY interesting.

    Okay all - off to my new post!

  31. I write therefor I am?

    Actually, I haven't written today, but I need to. Drop by later, and maybe you can give me some good advice!

    My "word" today is: epsylau

    What can you do with that?

  32. Hmmm...
    I blog because....
    I can???
    Because.. once I've hit the 'post' button, I can re-read my life as if it belongs to someone else!
    Pretty much that's it.
    I love the people I've met,that I never would have before. I enjoy seeing how the 'other world' lives.
    It started out for personal use..and that is still my priority.
    Beats handwriting things down as I used to, and it keeps any pix I might include,in some sort of ?order?

  33. Great post Robynn! Your blog is so easy to read and very entertaining

    I love to blog because I like pretty pictures. I don't feel as comfortable with writing, but I try.