Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Twittering Twit - Really, What's the Point?

Okay. So I signed up for Twitter. Even though I fail to see why I should.

"Everyone's doing it," everyone tells me. "People enjoy it!" Really? Why?

Just in case you have a life and couldn't care less what Twittering is and don't know or care to know, let me explain in boring detail. Twitter is a service wherein you can send a message to whomever is interested (known as a follower - radical term, stay with me), and it's just one message but goes to all of your followers at once. You can only use 144 characters so it is meant to send out short notes about what you're doing or thinking.

No offense to anyone using it, which would now include me, but I really don't get it.

Do you actually want to know more about me than you already do? My life does not tend to produce interesting, "Twitterable" moments.

Let me give you an example of what level of excitement you can expect if you decide to follow me on Twitter.

"Walked across the room. No injuries."

"Have gone upstairs."

"Have gone downstairs."

"Who used all the toilet paper and didn't replace?! Grrrr."

"Who put the milk carton back in the refrigerator empty? Grrrr."

"Minky! Stop barking! Darn dog."

"JoJo! Stop barking. Darn dog."

"This is the highest pile of laundry since...since....since.....piles of laundry have been getting high (the pressure defeats analogy production)."

"My toenails look disgusting. I'm doing a pedicure as soon as I go upstairs for my supplies."

"Have gone upstairs."

"Who used the last of the toilet paper up here, too?!"

"What was I up here for?"

"For corn's sake, there is cat barf on my bed."

"I did not realize you could see into my neighbor's garage so clearly if you bend over just right to clean up cat barf."

"I wonder if there's a dead body in that rolled up carpet?"

"Am heading downstairs now to start laundry."

"Son is playing X-Box 360 instead of doing school work. He is in trouble. Jello brain."

"I wonder if I have any new followers on the blog - going to check."

Alternating Posts 60 times a day: "Yay! They like me!"/"Nothing. Probably no one else will ever sign up as long as I live."

"I need to dust my desk."

"Heading on over to check out all the blogs I follow."

"Dangit! Just dropped my headphones."

"Wow. Noticed how badly I need a pedicure. I should have realized this before now."

So, this is representative of the scintillating updates you can expect from me if you follow. And someone can read them to you in the hospital if you lapse into a coma. They say people can sometimes still hear and understand during that time. I hope that's not true for you.

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  1. LOL!!! I was wondering about Twittering...what in the world one would say! Now I know! Doubt I'll be joining that club, as I lead a more boring life than you!
    My words would be directed to my flowers, or all cuss words directed to Old Man Winter!!

  2. Twitter is also not for me. When I have something newsworthy to say I go directly to my blog. And imagine getting all those tweets from different people. How would one concentrate on anything else they were doing. No thanks!


  4. Other than the fact that you are way funnier, your brain seems to work much like mine. Aside from the fact that I don't have an upstairs, a kid at home, or dogs named Minky and JoJo, I could have written that.

    I'm with you, I just don't get it.

  5. Yepper,... I didn't get it either, but your description finally has cleared the fog. Several others that i "know" are doing Twitter now. I guess i won't follow,.. either to do twitter or to actually "follow" people's tweets... but i'll still be a regular here at your blog,.. ok?

  6. LOL!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! you nailed it on the head!!! but of course i'm on twitter too.... :O)

    ps email me your info...putting my last consultants in today.

  7. Now you know why it's called:



  8. This whole twitter thing is very interesting. I am not on facebook for that reason. Too much time involved in reading about nothing. Not that you have nothing to say, because you always have something good to say. You are one of the few!!! Yipeeeeee!

  9. Rolling on the floor laughing! and I'm a Twitter-er too! My Tweets are nowhere near as interesting as yours though! You crack me up!

  10. Heyyyyy.... you came over to MY house! Well, except the cat barf and being able to see a neighbor next door.
    Yes, I already get so distracted here that any twittering would exponentially extort... or is that contort ...or is it ... ?!? (probably nothing like either)

    ANYway, yes the twitterbug ...I mean bird.... would be my undoing.

  11. Well, I think I signed up for Twitter awhile ago. Not sure what it was at the time but I haven't done anything with it. You'll have plenty of people follow you, great wit !

  12. Well - One liners about a post on your BLOG can draw BLOG traffic. You can post a link to a post in your BLOG in your Twitter post.

    A couple of friends and I play "Name that movie quote" using Twitter. They live far away and it is a fun way to play a game with them.

    I agree about random stuff. What is the point and twitting about cat barf or toenails or dead bodies in the carpet? Who cares! :)

  13. I signed up for Twitter a while back and at first I was sending out tweets every day but now I'm barely over there. I'm having much more fun on Facebook.

  14. Nope...not gonna do it...but I shall miss your entertaining "twitters"...Sigh..but for now, blogging is enough...Very funny post! LOL

  15. I have had a twitter account for a while and I "follow" a few folks. I say "follow" because in order to truly follow them, I guess I would have to log on and read the feeds...which I don't.

    I have never officially tweeted either. I have enough trouble with status updates on Facebook!!

  16. It's difficult for me to explain why I love Twitter so much, but I do! I've met great people, made important networking connections, I've even won stuff! I follow such a hodgepodge of people that all my quirky need-to-know interests are met. :) Glad you're on there - I'm going to be daring and follow you!!

  17. I'm with you - I'm torn on the whole Twitter issue. The only time I think it would be cool is when there's something exciting that's happening right then but I don't know how to work it into a post. Like today, for example. I was out walking one of my dogs in the woods (and by woods, I mean a small patch of land since I live near the city). And suddenly there was a whole herd of about five deer! It was amazing! We don't see things like that around here often. :) That would have been twitterable. But what would I write about the rest of the time? who knows, maybe some day I'll try it.

  18. I just signed up as well. I still haven't figured out the point, but I guess there *must* be one since so many people get sucked into it once they've tried it for a while. So I'm just giving it a shot and waiting. Do let us know if you figure it out quickly.

  19. Thank you for stopping by my blog on the UBP... Glad to meet you! Your twitter posts sound even more exciting than mine, believe it or not... I keep wondering why an introvert like me ever signed up... I mean, it's hard enough to think of something to say, let alone think of witty 140 character comments!

    Thank you again for stopping by,
    Amy Ellen of

  20. Most of the people I know have more interesting twitters than I do. But I do it anyway.
    I'm hopeless!

  21. I stopped by to check out your contest... for some reason I haven't found it yet, or how to enter. BUT...

    ... That's okay because I finally found out what twittering is :-) *AND* I'm going to subscribe to you because I homeschooled my daughter the whole way through, too, and it was always my greatest joy.

    I'm sure I'll be enjoying your blog often in the future!

  22. lol, your blog is hilarious! Thanks for visiting mine today. I'm with you on the twittering. I didn't think it was possible to make my life sound even MORE boring, but twitter does it quite nicely.

  23. Your listings were a hoot! I joined and left Twitter for basically the reason of - Why, why am I even doing this. I have a blog! If I had stayed on these past months all I would have had to say at any given moment was - I just had another Hot Flash!Man, I am so hot I could heat the house just with my hot flashes....such noteworthy news for the world to hear.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog while reading and waiting for P.W.'s marathon of answers!

  24. I considered Twittering, but don't have the time, and absolutely know my Twitters would be so b-o-r-i-n-g
    I would be in jeopardy of getting kicked out of the club! LOL

  25. LOL! I'm a big enough twit without twittering!

    My sister has left you a message on my blog about how barefooting can help your problem.

  26. hi Robynn, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such a sweet comment. That was very kind of you! btw, your blog is great, and I don't twitter either because unless the world needs to know who just got found guilty in a court room in a very small town ... I wouldn't have much to chirp about through out the day. have a great friday.

  27. I joined twitter a few months agao and did not really gte it. Then I went back to it about 4 weeks agao and am addicted. But I never have anything to say. I do twit my blog posts though.

    Thanks for coming over to visist!

  28. Hehe I totally agree, I don't get it either! I just thought I'd say hi back. Farmboy and I aren't married... yet. :) just in love Thank you for the compliment though... I think we're pretty cute too. Just kidding I'm not that full of myself. Hope you have a great weekend.

  29. Robynn, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

    As for twitter, I too joined it a while back, however . . . . .

    1 - Who is really interested in how many times a day my mom calls and stresses me out, or I put the dogs outide, or how many loads of laundry I've got to do??? Please! I'm not even interested!

    2 - I don't use texting on my cell phone - ever! If I want to send a note to someone, I e-mal them or send them a letter, or better yet, call them! Texting fees just aren't in our budget these days, either!

    3 - If I spent all day twittering away, all I'd get done was blogging and twittering! Can't you just see it?

    * I just posted on my blog.
    * I just twittered about posting on my blog.
    * Read PW's blog - she makes me laugh hysterically.
    * Just twittered about reading PW's blog . . .

    and on and on! How do these people do it? How do they get housework done, or whatever it is that they have to do with their days?

    I'll stick with my blogging and let those twits, uh, um, twitterers, fend for themselves, and I'm not doing their laundry for them!

    Blessings, Becky

  30. Hilarious! Nice to "meet" you and thanks for the comment on my blog. You're a great writer!



  32. ROFL, this is great! I love your twittering take, you are so funny. I totally agree with you!!!

  33. I needed a good laugh this morning and once again, you provided it. I was wondering what all the hubbub (did I spell that right..don't think so?) was about "Twittering". One too many things for me to think about, but glad for the hilarious explanation. Thanks for your comments on the "Josh" post. I thought I'd forward to him some of the encouraging words from others. :)

  34. Thanks for commenting my blog... I love to have new people read my blog and find new blogs to read.

  35. I twitter too and I totally don't get the point.

  36. I just don't get Twitter and Facebook, etc. I'm on Facebook and it bores me to tears.

  37. i never belong to twitter but people say it is fun but i dont see the point in being with the "in" crowd i just like haveing my blog the way it is

  38. I'm not cool enough to understand Twitter. To me it just seems like...I don't know...reverse stalking? Begging people to electronically follow me? And then...what...who wants to know every thought that pops into my head? Not me! LoL.

  39. It's pretty funny really when you put all of your tweets together! I joined twitter also because I wanted to see what all the hype was about and I still don't see the point. Most of the time I feel like I'm talking to outer space.I could be doing so many more productive things. I just joined facebook and I'm "getting it" a little bit more especially since I only interact with people I know personally.