Tuesday, March 31, 2009

People I Hang With - Only They Don't Know It

Hi All!

I am gone today, headed for San Francisco and UCSF. I'll knock out the doctor's appt., get my labs, and the plan is to head over to the newly redone Academy of Natural Sciences Museum.

So to keep you entertained, I'm passing along two of my favorite videos. I'll start with the sublime and end with the hysterical.

This first one is really short and is an incredible computer animation of the landing of U.S. Airway Flight 1549 on the Hudson River. It features the actual communication between the pilot and the tower. It's profound if you've never seen it. I've watched it five times. I want to be as calm as this pilot when I face disasters. I want him to fly me everywhere. Even to the grocery store.

This one is from the Ellen Degeneres Show. If I ever get to visit any of you who live in Texas, I'm stopping by this lady's house on the way. She's in Austin,Texas and she and I would get aLONG! I wonder if she would adopt me? I'm up for grabs! Do you think maybe I could go to a taping of "Austin City Limits" while I was there? Everybody sing...."I wanna go home with the armadillo....country music and Amarillo and Abilene........." (that's the theme song just in case you're wonderin' why I'm more off my rocker than usual.)

Special thanks to Susan at My $99 Life for featuring the first one, and Gitz at Gitzen Girl for making me roar over the Ellen video. Thank you, ladies!


  1. Hope your test results are favorable! That pilot could fly me anywhere, cept I WON'T fly anymore! To many things happened when I did so I took it as a warning,"I'm not suppose to fly!"
    I saw that Ellen show when she called Gladas. I laughed til I almost wet my pants(not to be crude) But I did!

  2. HAHAHA!!! Thank you so much for sharing that ellen video! that was hilarious!! You just made my day! Thank you!! :D

  3. have a great trip - San Francisco is AWESOME!! ps - should we be worried about the doctor's tests?

  4. It's smart to combine something fun with a not-so-fun appointment. Hope things turn out well on both counts.

    Thanks for stopping by RefreshMoments during the UBP. Drop by again today and next Tuesday to check out our ongoing "Ruby Tuesdays" and to get your name in the hat a couple more times for the "Afternoon Tea in a Box" giveaway!

  5. Robynn..
    Thanks for sharing the Ellen clip.. loved it! I really needed that laughter this morning.
    God Bless & I'll be praying for your labs results to be positive.

  6. I just watched three of those Gladys videos - they are hysterical!!

  7. Ya gotta love Gladys!
    You can get a
    "I love Jesus, but I drink a little"
    Flair button on Facebook.
    My favorite Gladys quote is
    "Whats the world coming too, when you gotta glue the Baby Jesus in the manger"!

    Hope everything turns out great for you today!

  8. Oh, I love it!!!!! I'd seen the pilot video...but not this Ellen video!!! I ADORE Gladys!!!!! I'm praying for you today! XO

  9. Thanks for the flight video, very cool.

    And I love Gladys. She reminds me of my grandmother. Feisty ol' broad. ;)

  10. I love Gladys!! What a hoot she is and how Adorable...
    That pilot needs a Big Fat Juicy Medal Now. He is totally my Hero.
    Have fun in SF. (ditto Tabitha...should we be worrying?) X

  11. The Ellen video was so funny! Thanks!

  12. What a gal, Gladys!! I died laughing. Thanks for the posting. I also would let Sully fly me anywhere. Watched all the news on that flight and about him...what a humble man he is. Praying you will have had a good Drs. appt.- that's along drive for Drs.. Am so glad we only have an hours drive for my husbands doctors. Take care.

  13. Oh my ... I think Gladys might be one of my relatives. Seriously, my dad's family is from Texas. I'm just sayin'. That had me cracking up ... I couldn't see through the tears it was so hilarious.

    Praying for your day with the docs and tests ... keep me posted.

  14. I ADORE Gladys ! Don't tell anyone, but I moved the kids lunch and naptimes up, so that I can sit down and spend some time with Ellen!

    Have a safe trip to SF darlin' and don't forget to stop by Fisherman's Wharf and pick me up a shrimp cocktail and bowl of clam chowder while you're there.
    Oh, and kiss the ground and tell her I miss her.
    And if you see my heart, bring it home with ya... because I left My Heart in San Francisco... *sob*

    (you're in my prayers darlin'... but you KNOW that!)

  15. I don't know where you and tatersmamma come up with these videos, but I luvvvvv them! I think the Ellen video is my favorite followed by "It's business time". Too cute! Keep posting them.

  16. Hope all has gone well and that you have more answers than questions.

  17. LOL! I saw that Ellen one earlier and it gets funnier each time!
    Hope you are easy on the Doc's today! If you're not nice, they may tell you you are pregnant~Again!

  18. Keeping you in my prayers, Robynn.
    Hope you come home with answers and good news.

  19. Hope the trip goes well.. and thanks for those videos - amazing and hysterical!

  20. Well shoot. Left a comment yesterday, but it left into oblivion. I am hoping your tests result in the answers you seek and you can have a smidge of closure :) Thanks for all the continued prayers and support. Those are great videos to share, Ellen is good for a laugh every time.

  21. I love Gladys .. thanks for sharing!

  22. That Ellen video is hilarious!

  23. How far do you live from that grocery store?
    I laughed at the ellen video and laughed. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Amazing landing.

    And that episode is funny!