Monday, March 23, 2009

Observational Twitter 14

Famous Quote:

"There are two types of people...those who ask for directions and the others who find their way. Both may reach the destination but the satisfaction of the other kind is far greater." Dominik Silver

Unfamous Quotes:

"If you can't get there without asking directions, you don't deserve to arrive." James (Grizzly) Reilly

"Men who embrace these philosophies should travel together so their wives might arrive three days before them and enjoy massage and mojitos while they wait." Robynn Reilly

Copyright 2009


  1. Amen Robynn, Amen :) Let the mojitos begin as I for one could use one or 10!

  2. Could I just have a Coke with the massages?

    For my birthday one year, I had two massage therapists working on me at the same time, while I was eating mashed potatoes and gravy from's a long story!

    With Map Quest, my hubby never needs to ask for directions...and oh how he loves the GPS in his phone!

  3. With the help of the internet, maybe that last quote will move up to the 'famous quotes' category. It is worthy. ;-)

  4. Vicky: I GUESS! With just a little flooding and mudding going on it's a wonder you're not falling down drunk dear! It's a testament to your spiritual fortitude!

    Sniffles & Smiles: A Quarter to NOW! Will we be talkin' each other's legs off or WHAT?!

    Libby: I have never envisioned hearing about massages, gravy, and KFC in the same sentence. THAT is a post waiting to happen. Can't wait to read it!

    Renna: **blush** Maybe that will be my reward for my silent suffering. (I hope you all believe I suffer in silence. About everything. All the REALLY.)

  5. Okay ...that got an out loud chuckle. still chuckling.
    And your comment left at my place.... well, you are about the sweetest.
    Hugs to you~

  6. Oh - I loved your last quote! You're so right... what is it about men and directions...

    I mean if they really did have a sense of direction, then they wouldn't need their tom-toms (GPS thingies), right?

  7. Boy does my husband fit the directional phase!! His quote" I know where I'm at, I can find it" Boy does that make ya think when you need to potty and he's determined not to stop til he finds where he's going!

  8. Count me in on the massage and mojitos,... why is it they think they don't need to ask directions? it seems to be in their blood!

  9. I chuckled at your quote. But the first one struck me deeply. It made me think of life and doing things for yourself versus asking for help. I am like that. I hate asking for help. (Yes, I will ask for directions.) I want to know I can do it myself.

  10. Well said! You hit the nail right on the Head!


  11. ha! Great quotes and the last one is the best of them all! :)

  12. Too funny!
    But to be honest my hubby is actually pretty happy to check a map thank goodness :)

  13. You go Robynn!

    I'm laughing too hard!