Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Minky Minutes - News From the Renewable Energy Front

Minky Tinkerson here. That's what my mama calls me all the time. I'm also known as Bingo, Monkey, Minky Tink, Tinkle, Little Dog, Baby Dog, Wooky (cause I talk like one), Little Doglette, and Nutcase. They morph my name all the time. It's a wonder I know who I am.

But I figured you might want to see me in a more positive light than JoJo depicted me. Man, she even took pictures of me in the middle of a criminal act. So now you probably think I'm a thief and strung out on coffee all the time. I thought I better check in and pontificate on my finer points. (By the way, JoJo promotes herself as the "Honest One" but an honest picture of ME would have included all my lovely, finer points. So, just take HER with a grain of salt (or a 50 lb. bag of salt).

Let me tell you about one of my favorite places and what I do there.

This, of course, is me. Aren't I getting big and gorgeous?

I had Hannah-Bo take all these pictures. And I wanted you to see these flowers that bloom in the field I like to run in. She says they look like sea horses. I don't know. I've never seen a sea horse. You be the judge.

Another shot of me. I am SOOO happy. The field is my favorite thing in the whole world.

Well you know who THIS is. JoJo gets pretty happy out here, too. Look at that smile.

I'm getting ready for something really fun here. But can you see the sun glistening off my ears?

In a second they're gonna throw my frisbee. I am officially a frisbee dog. It's my favorite thing in the whole world.

Wow! Look at that catch!

Wow! Look at me running away with it. I don't bring it back as well as they want me to. I think they need exercise so I make them come and get it. It's my favorite thing in the whole world.
I put this one in because, well, it was too good to leave out.

She caught me in mid-bound! I like it when my ears fly up.

JoJo and Me and that's the underside of my tongue. I knew you were wanting to know what it looked like.

And this is the topside of my tongue. And in case you never noticed, look how different our coats are. JoJo's is shorter and straight and mine is curly and luxurious. She wishes she looked like me. She won't say so but I know it's true because who WOULDN'T want to look like me? I'm so cute!

This is an action shot! We're running down this hill so FAST it's blurry. Running is my favorite thing in the whole world.

Here's a family picture with me, JoJo, Hannah-Bo, and The Wild Man. We're sitting on a saggy piece of fence. The G-men put this fence up years ago to keep us out of the other side. Must be REALLY good stuff over there. I guess we could just walk over the fence and find out.

And right after this shot, the sky turned orange, which was bad, because that meant we had to go soon.

And then we had to leave. But that's okay because now I can share the whole thing with you and that's my favorite thing in the whole world.

I'll see you next time. I think my mom's gonna show you all the results of my detective work. I've been scouting everywhere finding things that need to be chewed up. She took some pictures of my handiwork. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Awwww. Cute photos. Love the sunset one!

  2. Minky...I think you are certainly handsome! And I agree: JoJo gave you a bum rap! Great shots . . .Happy bone hunting!

  3. Oh you got some great shots!! Beautiful colors, love the orange of the sunset and the green of the field :) Pioneer Woman and Charlie have nothing on you Minky!

  4. Hey little Minky,
    You did a fantastic job with this post, so it's pretty darn clear to me that JoJo's been giving us a bum rap!
    (Tell JoJo that I said BAD dog!)

    At the rate the two of you are going, you'll be taking over your mama's blog in no time!

    Now, after all this hard work of bounding and jumping and flopping your ears and tongue about, feel free to go lay on the couch and have a nice little cat nap!

  5. Hi there Minky. How wonderful that you have such a great place to run and play. I think that you and JoJo must be 2 of the best looking Bordie Collies, that I've ever seen.

    George and Gracie say "woof woof", and that they are looking forward to starting their own blog, in the very near future. They hope that you'll trot on over and visit now and then.

  6. Minky,... nice shots. Thanks for having your mom post them. Looks like you have fun. You are quite good looking (for a dog!). Signed... "Middy" (Cedar's cat!)

  7. Nice to meet them! They're cute!
    I enjoyed this post, as well as the sunset picture.

  8. I love Minky and JoJo! Their adorable,but I'll bet active!! Beautiful sunset! How nice to have that large field close by for them to run off energy! Bet that helps! Don't ya just love animals!

  9. Minky, please let Robynn know for me that I have left her a comment/note on her post "I Hate Doctors--A Rant." Thanks, gorgeous! ~Janine



  11. Absolutely wonderful! I love border collies (as mine will attest @!) and I love the mid-bound ears flying love love it!

  12. Well, if 'cute' is really a word used to describe dogs, then I guess we'll have to admit you two look pretty darned cute! But we always thought that word described us! That's what our mama says, anyhow. And since cats rule....

    Athena and Teddy Bear

    P.S. We'll ask our mama to post pics of us so you can judge for yourself.

  13. Beautiful dogs! Beautiful photos!

  14. Robynn,
    Got your wonderfully, kind return visit/comment...but I'm gonna keep it ALL to myself :-) I love ya, sis!

  15. Naomi - We went to Hawaii and said the sunset don't compare with the sunsets over the valley in California! They are exquisite!

    Sniffles & Smiles: Minky says thank you. She's glad someone sees it how it really is. :)

    Vicky: Uh.....that's HIGH praise indeed! Oh my!

    TMama: I told her BAD DOG! And yeah, she's thinks it's her blog so I just indulge her so she'll keep feedin' me. And I'll wait til they go to bed and have the couch all to myself.

    Neas Nutti: Thank you! And tell George and Gracie we said "Woof" back. Can't wait to read what's really goin' on behind the scenes at YOUR house. I know they'll tell it straight.

    Cedar: I can't believe a CAT is writing to me but I don't want to discriminate. I'm sure you're okay, as cats go so, thank you.

    Jientje: Thanks for dropping by!!
    And welcome.

    Karen: Thank you! Yes, the field is GREAT. Just came in from there and Minky is suckin' air like she's dying. Ran her legs off.

    Sniffles & Smiles: You can come by anytime if you call me "gorgeous!"

    Lisa: I'm sure they'd all have a ball romping!

    Chefbliss: Aren't their ears the BEST?!

    Homestay Mama: MORE CATS??!! I mean, welcome Athena and Teddy Bear. I can see this blogging world is going to broaden my horizons. We have a cat who lives here but that enough about THAT subject.

    Sharon: THANKS SO MUCH!

    Sniffles & Smiles: Do as you will! Lots of love back. :)

  16. LOVE the dogs pics! ....AND your kids! Just gorgeous -all of them! Especially liked the one with the pup looking upward and the sun split right on the horizon.

  17. Awesome sunset pics. I love the dogs and kids pics too.

  18. Your pictures are so lovely the dogs look to be having a wonderful time.(((Hugs)))) Darcy

  19. I'm in love with you, you cutie! Love the photos.. and those shots of the fence and the sunset - just stunning!

  20. such great pictures - those sweet little pups!! Ohhh... don't you just want to go bury your head in their fur? I do. :)

  21. Great pictures! Looks like a wonderful day!

  22. Pontificate! Wow, quite a big word for such a youngster. You MUST be home-schooled! :-) The pics are beautiful and you are too!

  23. Mink and JoJo you are both beautiful in your own ways...we don't have a dog, but we do have a huge, kitty...who is the boss most of the time!! I do love dogs and often thought about choosing one but not sure it would be a good idea at my advanced age!! :0)

    Love all the photos...the sunsets are stunning!
    PS...In case you don't see it I've left a comment on the Award post.

  24. Did I tell you about my friend Kate and her border collie George?

  25. What great shots! At each one, I kept saying, "Oooh, I like this one!" Oh, to be free to run and play all day! By the way, yes, I do agree they look like seahorses! Great looking humans, too! :-)

  26. The sunset shot is beautiful. I love border collies. They are so smart!

  27. BZ: Thanks for enjoying them with me. :)

    Kathy: Thanks so much!

    Darcy: They are WILD for that field. JoJo gets to dig for gophers until she's four lbs. heavier from eating dirt.

    Lady Fi: Why, it just so happens I'm in love with you, too! Did you want to send me a dog biscuit to cement the deal?

    Tabitha: I have lip burn from kissing their muzzles.

    Kelly: Thanks and it was. Gotta love it before it's 110!

    Teresa: Yes, I am homeschooled. And you think my vocabulary is should see me in Destruction 101. It's my best subject.

    Azure Island: Go for the dog! It's amazing with the right one. :)

    Daryl: I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

    Paula: The humans AND dogs thank you. And I'll tell Hannah-Bo you agree with her seahorse assessment.

    Debby: You're right. They are definitely smarter than ME!

  28. Your dogs are pretty cool. I have a border collie, too. His name is George. We don't call him anything else, well except for me calling him Mr. Puppy. He'd say hello if he could.

  29. Our dogs would have so much fun together, Robynn!!! Wonderful pics!! :)

  30. I especially like where Minky runs off with the frisbee because you need the exercise. My SueSue is the same way with the ball. Sometimes she brings it back but mostly she wants you to come and get it.

    Great job Minky...