Monday, March 16, 2009

Kid Whizdom 1

Some of you know I battle a health condition that is progressive and has taken out some nerves, small muscles, and caused other problems. We're still on a hunt for final answers and I'll go back to San Francisco again next week for more fun and games at UCSF. It can cause pretty dramatic flare-ups when it hits and has seriously worried The Wild Man at times. He's my thinker/fretter. Like mother, like son.

But awhile back when my liver went south with it for bit, I was in rough shape. TWM came up to me, gave me a big hug and said, "I don't want you to die, mama."

I said all the reassuring things moms say and, because we kid about nearly everything in our family, even illness, I looked at him and laughingly added, "Besides, only the good die young. I'll be around for a LONG time."

He wasn't in the mood to pick up the teasing thread and looked at me in all seriousness and concern. "But," he paused a little too long, "Aren't you.......too OLD to die young?"

THEN he laughed because I fell onto the couch in hysterics! Boy, was HE right!!

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  1. Awww, that's really cute. One of my fav lines about that is Blondie's song, "Die young, stay pretty". Hee hee. I'll add you to my prayers. :-)

  2. Out of the mouths of babes!

    Hope things go well. I know that feeling crappy stinks.

    Crappy - Stinks Hee-hee, I just crack myself up.

    Wow - my word verification today is:

    What are the odds?

    Make a funny of this!

  3. Good luck with the doctors and such. I'll be thinking about you.

  4. Is it autoimmune? (BTW, my post for this coming Saturday includes wisdom from my wise kiddo...Great minds think alike, and all that...) I'll be praying for you, soul sister! Thanks for words that smile through the tears! XO

  5. Too funny what they come up with!! I will keep positive thoughts for you always!!

  6. And I can't wait to see your dinner too! Is it strange that my word verification word is REHYPER?

  7. That is priceless, so funny! Good luck with the quacks, I hope they manage to get to the root of it soon.

  8. That's kids for ya. Always the right things at the right times...
    I would have smacked him though - AFTER I picked myself up off of the floor and changed my pants!

    Is this an autoimmune thing ya got going on? There's a reason for my asking... I've got SLE (diagnosed in '82) and although I'm fine with it most of the time, at others, it can make even the simplest problem, a major pain in the a$$.
    Don't tell anyone though, so shhhh!

    Libby... how COOL is that??? ineas !!!

  9. Robynn,.... I'm sending lots of strong wishes your way. Knowing what it is must be half the battle. Hang in there my friend!

  10. Whew... but not whew, ya know what I mean?
    Hun, I hope they can get to the bottom of this soon.
    And believe me, you're in my prayers!

    Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss.
    Now go get some stretchy pants.
    You know they will make you feel better.

    (this stinkin' thing keeps saying that I'm using the incorrect password! This is my final try!!! grrrr)

  11. Well, we THINK it is a blood disorder known as Porphyria. It's a gene mutation that can be hereditary or acquired. It keeps me from being able to clear porhyrins, a naturally occuring blood by-product, from my system. And when they accumulate they can cause nerve damage (with subsequent muscle damage), liver damage, and, in worst case scenarios blindness, coma, and death. I'm voting against those.

    I have to be REALLY careful with meds. Many, many meds create high level porphyrins that I can't clear, as can certain foods (MSG's a killer - think Campbell's soups/broths, etc. but I have to read all labels (did you know MSG is a neurotoxin?!), and some fruits and veggies, also not enough carbs in my diet (ARE THEY KIDDING? - this will NEVER be what kills me), and even getting a simple illness can start a spiral.

    And the quacks have had me on a medicine for ten years that is one of the WORST for porphyria. Who knew? I WAS THE ONE WHO FIGURED IT OUT THIS YEAR! But in all fairness, it is a difficult disorder to diagnose. I have had a few really great docs but man-oh-man. As any one of you could tell ME, if you've ever been sick a day in your LIFE, there are some real doozy docs out there just waitin' to KILL you!

    So, I am relying on the GREAT physician for guidance and just move forward trying not to think about it any more than I have to. We ALL have SOMEthing. And ain't none of us gettin' outta here alive!

    There, that is my inspirational message for the day. I hope you are cheered. The end.

  12. Tatersmama!!! XoooxxXooX to you too and guess what? I'm doing laundry and I JUST put on my stretchy pants!!! (TM and I are ridiculous Nacho Libre fans and all these, and other cutting edge comments, can be found within the movie!) You MUST see it to be culturally well developed.

  13. Ohhh, that is so sweet coming from Wild Man. I hope you get the answers you seek and I will be praying for you as well.



  15. Too old to die young? Very endearing! I hope it all goes well for you.

  16. in worst case scenarios blindness, coma, and death. I'm voting against those....

    Yeah I think I'd vote against those too.

    What not enough carbs???

  17. Kids are so smart. Too bad the doctors aren't so smart themselves. Good luck with them.

  18. Kids are awesome and sometimes can be the best medicine at the worst of times!
    That's a really cute story.
    I'm sorry about your health problems.
    I'm battling so many problems with my Epilepsy with these seizures right now but nothing compared with what you must be going through.... know that you are in my prayers!


  19. Bahahahah! Oh That Wild Man. He cracks me up sometimes. :-p It was so fun to be with you last night and hang out for a while. We need many more nights like that. Even better, nights where we can sit and talk and sing and do all that good stuff. I love you so so so so so so much Auntie Robynn :-)

    (I was just laughing at my "word verification"
    Here is my definition :

    Pregbo - a bulging bovine WAY overdue :-p

  20. I didn't know you were ill. I'llut you on our prayer list. Hope all goes wel at the drs.
    Love TWMs comment! Leave it to a man to remind you of your age!

  21. Oh geeeeeees! He IS his momma's son! I don't mean to laugh on such a story whose base was sad, but .... that is funny. Kids say the darndest things.
    You'll be/are in my thoughts and prayers.

  22. Thanks all for your concern but I'm doing okay right now and don't want you to worry. Like I say, really, who DON'T you know who doesn't struggle with SOMEthing?

    And we all do what we can do and those who love us understand and those who don't would never understand ANYway.

    Hanging out with you guys is very healthy for me! Keeps me cheered up and honing my craft. And that's good medicine!!

  23. Oh Robynn, I've never even heard of this dastardly disease and you figured it out yourself! Why am I not surprised?

    I looked up porphyria on Wikipedia. One sentence stood out above the rest: "Systemic lupus erythematosus features photosensitivity, pain attacks and shares various other symptoms with porphyria."

    Even though this is serious business, that sentence made me smile because you and Tatersmama share not only a friendship, but diseases with similarities! Kinda weird, huh?

    Will keep you in my prayers! Hugs dear friend.

  24. That's so funny! My son too is very worried about me dying and is always saying that he doesn't want me to die.

    I didn't know you had a progressive health condition, so I hope that your next batch of tests bring some positive results.

    Just read your inspirational message! You ARE an inspiration - and whacky, oops I mean, funny too!

  25. I'm so sorry to hear you are coping with an illness. I hope all goes well for you in your upcoming trip to UCSF.

  26. I didn't know you had a health condition! I'm adding you to my prayers!

  27. Good luck Robynn on the test and results!
    It sounds like your Wild Man has a sense of humor too!
    Take care, good thoughts coming your way from Georgia(maybe they will get there quicker than the birdhouse did!)

  28. Oh gosh! Best wishes to you; hope you get some answers and peace of mind. Humor is a great antidote; sounds like you and yours are blessed with a healthy dose of it! If you do get admitted for your tests, I hope you get a comfy adjustable bed. That's the best part of being in the hospital ... love those adjustable beds!

  29. I will pray they find an answer and solution to your health issues. Your son sounds like a chip off the old block for sure. Take care my dear...

  30. Didn't know about your health problems. :-( And here I was hoping the trip to San Francisco was all for fun. Hope you're able to take in the sights while you're there!