Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ecclectic Exchange about Everything

I got the nicest compliment this morning from the lovely designer at Azure Island Designs. She described me as having "a love affair with words." If I'm so accused, I hope I am soon convicted.

Do you think she would be depressed if I used a sentence like, "There is dog barf sitting behind my chair right now?" JoJo just came and hurled up something from last year. Excuse me while I attend to this....gag.....gag.......oops!....dry heave.

Okay, I'm back and smelling like Clorox Wipes. Blech.

And I just knew you would want to know this next bit of information.

Yesterday, I got caught up with my laundry AND did the ironing from it ALL ON THE SAME DAY. Yes. That's right. Very 1950's moment. I nearly wore my pearls and heels. Oh my gosh! I almost forgot to mention that I actually MENDED, too! Yes, that's right! I sewed on a button that had been missing off a shirt for ten years. Why, you might ask, would I still have a shirt with a missing button after ten years?

Well, you WOULD ask that because you're a sane person. The thing is, it's a good cotton shirt, white with the cutest buttons and sort of timeless and very casual. But a button fell off and, well, I put it away somewhere and shoved the shirt somewhere and somehow, after sorting something (what would I do without the word "some?" You truly can see how clever and imaginative I am with words) I found the blouse. But the MIRACLE is, I remembered where I saved the button! And yesterday, the two of them got married!!! And ironed! And now I can wear it again!

(This is some guy hitting on me while I ironed. This happens to me every time and is the main reason I don't iron more.)

You have no idea how extreme this accomplishment is for me. The odds were right up there with Allison Krause showing up at my door and asking me to sing with her on her next album. (Hold on.....there's the doorbell....."Why Allison! Come in! I'll be right with you.....gotta finish this post to the blog buddies.") Why not? It's a day of miracles.

OH YES! Libby at Neas Nuttiness is having a contest at her place. Go on over and check out the long list of loot. I'm not entering so your chances are even greater of landing these goodies.

Okay, that's it for a bit. If I have anything else as gripping as dog barf and laundry I'll get right back to you.

P.S.!! The Ultimate Blog Party begins tomorrow. If you haven't heard about this, click on my "Invitation Button" on the top right of the blog. There's still time to enter and participate by featuring your blog, giving away a prize, etc. Of course, I'm just now getting around to getting ready for it because I've only known for a month. Another compelling reason NOT to iron!


  1. The photo is so funny, I've already forgotten what you posted about!

  2. Well, hello there. I was sent here by a blogging friend, Daryl from NYC. She told me I simply had to check out your border collie.
    Love your style!

  3. The photo is absolutely priceless!!!! And the dog barf...may have to blog about that myself...don't be surprised if I find a way to work that one in...Yes, I can see it now ...Coming to a blog near April! Me? I just wear 'em without the pins work miracles for me...I'm absolute---ly impressed! So, a good day's work for you! I'm lovin' it!

  4. Thanks for the laugh!! You truly are a gifted writer (I think?)

  5. I thought that was a photo of my parents. Then I realized my mom never had boobs that big. But she sure rolled her eyes a lot at my dad.

    I can't even remember the last time I set up the ironing board. At least I know where it is, and the iron too.

  6. Too funny. Me and my stuffed up nose appreciated the laugh.

    Love the photo!

  7. Oh I did love this as I think I have a white shirt and button that should get together... and havent... for years and is fab... do you know where it is from? you might not, being as like you are from over there...its from our beloved Coronation Street... soap being going for years. Oh dear... it will be so bad if you know this already and all...
    Just coming by to say I love you!X

  8. Libby: I keep going back to it just to laugh!

    Country Girl: So glad Daryl sent you over! I just visited your blog and will be back to plow through. Lots of great stuff. LOVE GEORGE your Border. Thanks DARYL!

    Sniffles & Smiles: I find dog barf is incredibly inspirational for blogging. Good luck. I'll wear the shirt when we meet! lol

    Sheryl: You are too kind to someone who writes about dog barf.

    Sharon: This woman is much better looking than me so you're mom must have been a knock-out.

    Kelly: Sorry you are stuffy but glad you can laugh through it. I'm checkin' out your Zicam tip!

    Ladybird World Mother: I had NO IDEA! It came up several times during searches but didn't state the origins. SO GLAD TO KNOW! I can tell, just from the picture, I'd enjoy the show! Have to see if it's available in the states because you KNOW I'm a nut for British comedy! (Tell me it's a comedy. How could it not be with a photo like this?!)

  9. You do have a wonderful way with words and you always make me smile! I love it!! And sadly I was completely understanding and sympathetic of your button saga. If only I could throw such a wedding I would be happy, but alas the jilted lovers remain apart! :) (it's been a long day.....)

  10. Hey, I really enjoyed this (I always DO... you already know that), but I just have to ask.
    What in the hell is an iron?
    Oh... never mind. After seeing the photo of you with some guy hitting on you, I think it's coming back to me.

    And dog barf? You're complaining about mere dog barf? You try scaring a kitten with a spatula and see what happens!

    Word veri:

    What "somthin' new" sounds like when you have dental instuments stuck in your mouth.
    Sumambou appen ooo eeeesstadeee

  11. You crack me up! Where has your blog been all my life?

    It's comforting, in an odd sort of way, to know there are others out there (like myself) who would stash away a shirt for ten years before getting around to sewing on a missing button. Seriously, that is so me. What is NOT so me is that I could still FIT into said shirt ten years down the road...sigh.

  12. I can't believe you bailed on me! Cleaning barf, ironing, mending. What next?! I'm the lone rebel out here now. You're really setting a bad example for Hannah you know!

    word verif: forkpit-like a forklift only used for cleaning houses like mine!

  13. Haha. Great post. Ironing? I don't know this word. That's what downy wrinkle releaser is for. If I can find it. I'm forever putting buttons in safe places I can never find again.

  14. Okay... I KNOW that's not you in the picture... LOL!!!! that is so funny...but i have to high-5 for the 1950's laundry moment.. YOU'RE MY HERO even if you're having an affair!

  15. Barfing dogs, ironing, goodness what is the world coming to???

    I almost choked on my water while reading this delicate post!!! Could be dangerous round here!!! Laughing must be a form of exercise...right?


  16. I think I'll use that same excuse for not ironing (the guy hitting on me) next time my husband needs a shirt ironed. LOL that is such a great picture.

  17. Gosh... all funny comments too! Am at a loss for something schnazzy to say.
    But you know, we have a"Little Green Clean Machine" ...bought it JUST for dog throw-up moments. When you have two (162 & 165 lbs respectively) Great Danes, usually a little barf is A LOT.

  18. Oh Rob, what a nice read before I hit the hay and retire for the funny!

  19. I have a whole box of loose buttons, but in an emergency, I just grab a safety pin. Also, I have 2 ironing boards and 3 irons and don't use any of them! I just keep all this stuff around for old time's sake, ya know? LOL

  20. Love the photo of Edna Sharples from Coronation Street! My granma actually looked like that - for real!

    As for all that housework - I'm exhausted just reading about it... must get back to my igloo! (Glad you figured out that the chairs were in there for the kids to sit on...)

  21. That photo cracked me up. And I loved your bluetooth post. You sure you haven't been driving around central Florida lately? - because I swear I have seen people driving just as you described!

  22. You know me.... The inveterate sticky-beaker. (HA! Got you there, didn't I?)
    I just had to come and check to see what you were up to - comments and followers wise. ;-)

    All I can say is.... WOW! You ROCK girl!!

    Left me feeling sad though... *sniff*
    I ate some bugs, I ate some grass, I used my hand, to wipe my tears.

  23. Over from Sniffles and Smiles. Great post...and fun! You just gained a follower.