Sunday, February 1, 2009

What?? The Steelers??

Oh MAN. But the party was fun! That's it. Brevity. You probably won't get it again.


  1. What a disappointment!!! The Cardinal's were so close. Here's a rumor to start. I heard that Obama said the Steeler's would squeek out the win at the end....that's a little wierd...maybe even creepy. Some of the calls by the ref's were just plain wrong too and I'm no football expert. At least it kept one's attention and the food was good!

  2. You have won an award!


    Please come to my blog to collect it.

  3. Ha! My blog title would read "What? The Steelers?? Who are the Steelers??"

  4. I started out rooting for the Cardinal's, but switched to the Steelers when I realized that they had much cuter butts.
    See? there IS a method to my madness!
    Unfortunately, it aired on Monday morning here and with a house full of rug-rats, I didn't get to enjoy any pre /during/or after-party food! Unless you count crackers and cheese with a banana. :-(

  5. It was exciting and the food, oh the food. This love affair has got to stop....tomorrow.

  6. I was rooting for Bruce Springsteen during half-time! I guess I was the only one.

  7. Libby: LOL!

    Reg: We had the same conversation. It would seem some of the refs were operating in a parallel universe.

    Enchanted: An award?! Moi?!

    From S to M: And I would answer, "They are the ones who stole the win. If the refs would have made correct calls history would reflect a different outcome." And then I would bore you so badly I would probably make you cry and that would be terribly unkind of me.

    TM: It's obvious you have not kicked the cough syrup/Tequila habit. AND that is THE single most pathetic super bowl food ever. I'm coming over next year and fixing food for you. It will include Crisco, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Dr. Pepper, among other delectable choices.

    Teresa: Ditto - the stomach was willing, the flesh was willing, and now both are way fatter.

    Treehouse: He ABSOLUTELY won! Good call!!