Monday, February 23, 2009


Woohoo!! We did it - all of us! 75 followers and 2 more for a big bonus!

The contest is now on!!

The prize: Two $50 gift cards from Amazon, one for each of two winners. The contest will run through Friday, February 27th, 2009, 10p.m. Pacific Standard Time. (I'm in California.)

Here's how to enter: If you are already a follower just leave a comment with your best advice on how to grow this blog, or what you like about it, or what you like about the best blogs you've visited, or anything else you want to say. That will get you your first entry.

If you aren't a follower, feel free to sign up to follow (see that little link over there to your right above the photos? Yep, that's the one.) and do the same thing.

If you post about this contest on YOUR blog and put a link to it, just let me know by leaving another comment (saying "Posted a Link") and you're entered again.

Finally, tell your followers to mention they saw this on YOUR blog when they come by, and I'll put in a another entry, for you, for each person who came over from your site (up to five additional entries per blog author).

(My family members are, of course, excluded from the contest. Yeah bummer guys...hope you don't stop following!)

Make sure there is a way for me to contact you. If you don't have a blog that I can track back to, email me at robynnsravings at gmail dot com. (But use the and not the spelling. That's just to throw the spammers off track.) I'll need to know where to send your gift card.

Okay...all that said....please let me start by saying THANK YOU! YOU all made this happen. You have supported me, encouraged me endlessly, and made me feel so welcomed and embraced out here. I will never, not with all the words there are to chose from, be able to convey what that has meant to me.

But some of you have asked: why 75?

Well, here's the thing. I started this blog on Dec. 3rd of 2008 - about 80 days ago. I had a fire in my belly but I was also unsure.

How vulnerable do I get here? Do I tell you that I went to a writer's conference and had two magazines I've never even heard of tell me no one would find my work interesting and that I had no ability to connect with readers? That no one could relate to the kind of things I wrote about? The kind of things I write here? No, I'm not goin' that far. It's too embarrassing.

So I'll just tell you this: I had a a couple friends encourage me to blog. They actually thought I COULD write. I also needed to get information out to a few people all at once, for efficiency sake. It seemed doable. But I thought, if those publishers are right the blog will probably fall on its face. But if they're wrong, well, that'd be great and I guess I'll know if people show up.

A dear friend, Reginia at Tetertots, promoted me on her site and her sister, Tina at Tunajones, did the same. The first ten followers began to trickle in. I was elated. And then a lovely lady named Libby, at Neas Nuttiness, found me and gave me a glowing review on her blog. More came. Soon, Tatersmama's Take on Things was sending folks over and when I hit 20, I was overwhelmed. Linda at Another Piece of the Pie sent friends. So I began to wonder: would 75 followers in 75 days be possible? Maybe. If I keep writing and posting and working and telling about my hair-brained life, then.....maybe. If it's supposed to happen, it will. And wouldn't 75 feel like a big party? Just think of how many incredible people I might meet. So, that was my goal. Of course, once you reach a goal you have to set another one. But I can't tell you how elated I am right now! And YOU did it!

Today is 83 days. I overshot by a week. But there are 78 of us (including me), all hangin' out together now! And I get to visit you and see what you're up to and get to know you. Oh my gosh. YOU guys are amazing. And you keep coming back. That's REALLY amazing!

Thank you for sharing your stories and your life with me. Thank you for being my friends. I am blessed.

With Love,



  1. Congratulations on meeting your goal!!
    Just keep on doing what you have been doing!
    It's good with me.

  2. I'd say 'fire in your belly' is right. You've only been on Blogger for a short time and Wow!
    Indeed, you are a wonderful writer.
    And a "for 'what it's worth", I think of myself as discerning, thus I'm not flagrant with accolades.

  3. Wow - you've got a fire someplace that's for sure.. maybe not in your belly though! ;-)

    I love your blog - so ya boo sucks! to those people who said that you couldn't connect with readers.

    You've got humour - and I do like a blog with humour!

    Well, you obviously do know how to grow your readership: have contests and give-aways, beg people to follow you, always leave comments back to those who commented on you.

    You're on a roll! I'm glad to be here for the ride.

  4. Right on! It is the comments back and forth that help to grow readership and people spreading the word like I am doing on my blog. As you know I am already a follower because Neas Nuttiness sent me over here. Then I find out you are a California gal like me. Well, heck, of course I have to follow you. Besides I love how you write anyway. Keep it up girl!

  5. Congratulations on your followers. Don't ever let anyone take your dream away from you. There are many people out there and we all enjoy different written pieces. I have learned that all to well in writing class. Write your heart out, blog away and live that dream!
    Congratulations again.

  6. Robynn,
    Apparently, the publishers aren't aware of your talent! I come to read your blog because it's true life, like the PW. I think it's wonderful relating to your adventures and happenings. Brings back memories of my childrens adventures and experiences! If you continue to thrill us with honest,heart-warming posts, your blog will blossom!
    Now, I'm going to post your contest onto my blog!

  7. Hey Robyn - congrats to you! That's got to feel good. :) And thanks for the contest too!

  8. Way to go Robynn!
    I have been trying to leave comments lately and having the hardest time. They just don't go through.
    One of them was about your writing at Red Pine Mountain. That was so good! When I go through reading it, I was ready to sent a goat and a chicken with that birdhouse. LOL...
    which by the way is in the mail heading your way.
    Joining groups like blog catalog helps promote your blog, too.
    But most of all, when you have a great talent, like you do, of writing and expressing what you feel, people just are drawn to you.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Robynn, saw your comment over on Andrea's blog. Better add a few more people to your list of followers. Love that you are achieving your goals! You go girl.

    You do have a connection, you are a amazing writer!


  10. What can I say? Other than I knew it would happen!
    Congratulations are in order, my dear!!

    Just remember little ol' us when you're famous okay?
    (I actually wanted to say "me" but didn't want to sound excessively needy.

  11. You have a fantabulous blog! My best advice is this:
    Join Entrecard! You will be amazed at the traffic you will get! In return you visit others blogs and do what's called a drop. You take the credits from your drops and other's drops on you and use them to advertise your blog on other blog. Hope that makes sense!
    You can see an example of a drop box on my blog.
    Here is the entrecard address if you want it
    My traffic has tripled! Plus the added bonus of seeing all the great blogs out there!
    Best wishes Robynn!

  12. Congratulations, Robynn, for having your essay selected as winner. I just read it and am so impressed. And now that I've discovered your blog I'm doubly impressed. Well done!

    All the best, Lana

  13. Congrats on meeting your goal...I am so tickled I found your Blog! I LOVE blogs I like to see photo's .. read whats going on and I LOVE KNITTING...and READING. I posted about your CONTEST today on my BLOG sorry so late but i am still glad I found you!

  14. I never doubted that you. I'll always be a fan.
    What do you need to do? Post dear lady, just post! (And maybe you could give me some pointers - I only have 25 followers, and my blogversary is tomorrow!)

  15. I have found the best way to grow with the blog is to visit and leave comments on other blogs.
    Thanks for enetering me :)

  16. I am going to put a link to your blog and contest on my blog.

  17. Laughter is the best medicine! (or something like that) :D Keep up the good work!

  18. Well I knew you'd do well with this blogging thing. Keep up the good work! I'll do some advertising for ya over at my place.

  19. Congrats on meeting your goal! I'm glad to be a part of it!! :) I enjoy your honest and sincere writing.

  20. So those publisher people don't know what they're talking about or what they're missing. They're just plain nut cases. "One too many hits with the snake" if you know what I'm saying :-)

    Like I've said before, I love your blog because along with good ol' comedy, you can mix in seriousness while still making me laugh. At this rate, I might just laugh til I die. :-D
    I love you, my Auntie Robynn xoxo

  21. Hi again Robynn. Well, I went back and realized that I didn't answer any of your post's questions.
    So, here I go; "How to grow it (your blog)?" Ha, you know better than I on that one.
    " What I like about it?" The real stories- we all have them and when people read them, they feel less alone and/or more connected (reminds me of that saying, 'Everyone's normal until you get to know them'. -so true).
    And last, "What I like best about other blogs I've visited?" with real life up/down stories.
    But that's just the way I see it/like it.
    Just remember, you can't make everyone happy all the time.

  22. What a fabulous giveaway! I am now a follower!!

  23. Congratulations, Robynn! Your bloggy friends will continue to come if you just keep writing as you have been.

    BTW, the publisher who told you no one would read what you wrote, has 'mush' for brains. There will always be people who like to read what you write, and there will be people who won't. That's OK! We're not all the same--thank goodness! There are best sellers out there that don't interest me one bit, and I'll never read them. And then there are obscure books that I have found delightful.

    Oh, the contest--I forgot--I guess I got a little carried away! Please enter me in your contest and now I'll see what else I need to do to increase my chances of winning. :-)

    P.S. Thanks for your kind comments on my two recent posts. You are a wonderful bloggy friend.

  24. Oh phooey on them. Your blog is so much fun to read. Congrats on reaching your goal! And thanks for your lovely comments all the time, totally pick me up! :-)

  25. I posted a link! So, now do people just have to say that I sent them?

    I love you :-)

  26. Yea I knew you'd do it without my coniving help! ..wink..
    And you can just laugh at those publishers who said no one would care to read your work....
    as you strut pass them onto bigger things!

  27. I am a good friend of Tracey.
    I'm come from The Netherlands :))
    I would also like to participate.
    If I would win the price , I give the prize to Tracey :)))) (they had to buy a new washing machine and they are very expensive, so if I win the prize is for Tracey) HEHE LOL

    Very beautiful blogsite you have, and sooooooooo many friends, my gratulations :))))

    Many greeting ANYA

  28. Congratulations...a wonderful achievement in such a short time!

    Your winning essay brought me to your blog... haven't read a great deal but what I've read will keep me returning!

    Be proud of and confidant in your writing skills they are amazing, you have a wonderful way with words..."no ability to connect with readers" that is ridiculous, they must have been having a bad day!

  29. Just keep doing what you've been doing. Great read!

    bizarena @

  30. Wonderful milestone! You can reward yourself by buying your own domain!


  31. Congrats onmeeting your goal! time to set a new one, huh? maybe you can go for 150 followers now. the sky's the limit!!! I wanted to let you know that I am now a faithful follower. I thonk you are a fantastic writer. Keep up the good bloogging. I'll promote you in my blog too.

  32. Hey, I did a post about you on my blog and linked it back to you! If you want to, go over and check it out. It may not help much thugh. I only have 4 followers myself *sniffle*.

  33. oh shoot! Forgot to tell you that Vicki from Westra's World sent me!!!

  34. Yes, I linked to you today and see Kaleena was on her toes and beat me over here! Hope you have lots of continued good fortune this week, I love watching good things happen to good people :)

  35. So now there's competition in the family, Robynn: "Wait, if we've only got the one blog, and Kaylee wrote on it, then she gets the extra entries, and I just get one when I comment (which I WOULD, if you'd get off the computer, mom! :-)" Oh, brother. You've provided fun reading for the family -- and not too many arguments.

  36. Hi Mrs. Reilly! Congrats on getting your 75 followers. Although I think there is something like 84 followers now :-) Keep posting!



    I don't think I am equal to doing my usual of sometimes trying to respond in the comments section to each one of you personally, just because of the number. I'm sure I would break down with any freshness around ten and just be a blathering idiot repeating myself.

    But please know....I am BLESSED, AMAZED, BIG-HEADED (and pig-headed - just ask around), and cannot believe I can read all these lovely sentiments on one page. EVERYONE should have that privilege. I've been known to say I want to have my funeral BEFORE I die so I can hear anything good people might have to say. I think I just did! (Grizzly likes to remind me they might not be that glowing because it would be easier to feel more kindly towards me once I'm gone.) LOLOLOLOLOL He keeps me laughing on a daily basis. (Wait a minute - I need to go kick him.......okay I'm back.)

    Anyway, please accept my sincere gratitude. I am so grateful for all of you and look forward to lots of laughs, and maybe a few tears, in the days to come. LOOOVVVEEEE visiting your blog sites, too. You know you'll see me over there!

  38. Hey, Robynn... I've seen you comment over at Vicky's a few times, and when she said today that you were rejected by some people who don't know what they're talking about :) I had to come and see for myself.

    I love a girl who doesn't take life lying down! I have no idea how to grow your blog... I just write every day and hope people show up. But what you're doing now got you one more follower (me) so I'd say you're doing great!

  39. :-) yeah, I'm the main author of the family blog. When I created an account so that I could follow your blog, it wouldn't let me list the 5mccrackens blog as mine. weird. Anyway, thanks for stopping by over there. We should have a camp reunion. That would be so much fun!

  40. I found you at Vicky Westra's blog. I'm glad you didn't let those two magazines get you down. You know, editors have an important job, but each one is a human with their own likes and dislikes.

    And Elvis was told he'd never make it. Elvis. Doesn't that say it all?

    I like you're style, and it looks like you have already made a grand start at advertising your blog! I feel silly offering you tips because you have more than three times the number of followers I have, but I'll say...

    Keep being true to who you are and don't ever try to force your blog to be something you're not. People who love you will love you and if you write well for an audience of one who is changed by it, that's better than writing for 2000 who read it and go on with life unaffected.

  41. You have a great blog! I've enjoyed visiting. Tried to follow you but the link is not working right now - I'll try again later!

  42. Good luck on your quest.
    I subscibe to your blog through Google reader.

  43. I have no idea how to grow your blog, but this is a good start. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going to go add you to my blog for today...I'm not sure how many hits I'll generate, but I'm trying.

    Love your background, it's pretty.

  44. Yeah, that above addy is

    I'm a little bit slow! Sorry.

  45. YAY!! I just added one to your followers!! :D Congrats on the HUGE growing number of them!!

    I love your humor! :)

    You rock!!

  46. I'm a follower now;)Isn't the blogging community awesome I have made some wonderful friends to.I like your blog if you want to get a special header then Isabellas closet has some vintage ones that are so cute check out my header on my blog to see if you like it otherwise I think your blog is really great:)Congratulations you deserve it and dont let anyone tell you your writing isn't interesting you keep doing it.(((Hugs)))) Darcy darcysknottyknitter[AT]gmail[DOT]com and knottyknitter40 on ravelry
    I came from Aunt Kathy's Place

  47. I am a follower now. I have blogged about your contest, which you can find HERE.

    Aunt Kathy sent me here. She is totally awesome too.

    Looking through your blog, I have to say you are a fun read!

    Having contests are defintely a way to get people to come to your blog. The word defintely does get out in cyberspace!

  48. Way to go! I like your blog the way it is, it takes time and persistance to grow a blog, so just be patient.

  49. I'm following you! :)

    I found out about your contest from Aunt Kathy's Place, so please enter her again.

    I've posted about your contest here:

    And you can reach me at knit-wit at cox dot net

    thanks and have a great day!

  50. If someone doesn't think you can write, I'd tell 'em to read the bear and camping story... then see what they have to say. I read you because you are so good at putting your readers, at least me, right there with you. For a gift card or not, I'd say the same thing, but thanks for having a fun contest.


  51. You know I sent some people over and blogged about your contest but can't remember if I actually commented

    here's the link to my post

    My only advice to growing followers is referrals. I try to link to other blogs I like often and when I do it seems I get more activity too. You know the what goes around comes around and you reap what you sow scenerio.

    I am a follower of yours as well

  52. Your blog makes me laugh outloud to the point that the kids run to the "office" where the computer is to find out what is making me laugh, but by the time they have arrived, and my home is not large, I am sobbing. Oh yeah, the true markings of a talented story teller. Thank you for adding another dimension to my life!