Saturday, February 21, 2009

So I Lied

Uh, yeah. About that post today. Well, you see, the thing is, I won this contest over at Red Pine Mountain but it included writing an essay for them. And you all know I can't say anything briefly so, when they gave me the option of writing an essay that was 500 words or LONGER, I'll let you figure out which option I chose. Anyway, needed to get that done today (writing deadlines for publishers can never be missed) and I actually put on my writer's hat and tried to give her a quality effort. I'm not sure when it will be up - pretty shortly I think - and when it is I'll post a link here so you can go read it if you so desire. You'll like it over there. Take time to read her blog and you'll see what a quality person she is.

And then there was the Bowling Event for the seniors of our homeschooling group. We have 41 graduating this year, including Hannah Bo, and Grizzly and I were responsible for running this particular get together. These kids do something every ten seconds. I did take some pics and I'll include them tomorrow, when I finally post (yeah, RIGHT). And no baby yet.

Okay, my eyeballs are crossed and Minky keeps jumping on me to take her to the park. Not sure I can still walk but I'll try. And did you see???????? 70 followers!!! Only 5 to go! I am ordering the gift cards from Amazon tonight!


  1. Not to sound "dumb", but what is the deal with getting 75 followers? I can't wait to read your essay, though as busy as you were, I don't know how you found time to write an essay. Can't wait!

  2. It's up and I thank you so much. The birdhouse is on its way and your baby birdies will thank you.

    I'm not going to give away your essay but let me tell you, I can't wait to comment on it because it struck a note dear to my heart.

  3. Gotta ask ... do you have a bet going with someone on the getting a certain # of followers within a certain amount of time?!?
    :-) !
    Ohhh essay writing, deadlines, and the sort... wakes memories & gives me shudders!
    Must say, my hat's off to you for ALL you do!

  4. Ah -- we told Connor the other day that he ought to sign up "as a follower" (ooh, gotta watch these cult leanings :-) -- tho I think the one-liners in facebook are more to his liking than whole blog entries which take up so much time that could be spent at the Sierra Summit website!

  5. Yeah, almost to 75! Maybe a pic of you with your eyes crossed walkin' Minky would do the trick.

  6. Hi Robynn,
    I came over from Red Pine Mountain.
    Thank you for the essay! You are a talented writer! It is so sad that the world judges by outward appearances so much and conditions us to think only THIN is beautiful! I too struggle with my weight.
    I think you are beautiful!
    P.S. I will do my part for you and add myself as a follower :)

  7. Make that 72, 3 more to go! And after church I'm heading over to Mountain Woman to read!

  8. Your welcome Robynn! I'm glad we connected too!

  9. Can't wait to read the essay.

    I'm crossing my fingers that I win that gift card...I want to give it to my son and daughter-in-law, to use for their baby (due in April). I'ms sure that you will have 75 followers in NO TIME!!!

  10. Well, being cross-eyed does make it kind of hard to work.. I mean, walk!

    Am dying to read your essay!

    Congrats again.

  11. A good lie once in awhile, in your case is acceptable!
    Boy, I see I got behind! Onwards and UPwards!

    Your followers increase every day!!
    I have known for years that you are a Great Writer....
    (We had lots of practice with PAPERWORK! agggghhh!!)
    Please invite me to your first book signing!
    Love you!