Friday, February 6, 2009

Sleep Survival and Angels of Mercy

Meet the Wild Man on a Normal Day

Must look Confident and Serious

Show them you have Teeth, my son, so they know we've left our Ditchbank Trailer Days behind

Dear Deborah - our Lovely Angel of Mercy

Frankenstein preparing for the Launch of the Space Shuttle
(notice the ratty pillow which has lost it's covering and the tag still attached so as to prevent risk of arrest if ever removed)

Wild Man is in survival mode and loving the challenge. Only the strong overcome. (And does this kid rock, or what, for letting me take and post this picture. I owe him now.)

And though you may find it hard to believe, I may have overstated my potential sufferings at the sleep clinic.

While I wouldn't recommend this as a hotel, I have certainly slept far worse places. My hospital informants who contacted me knew not of what they spoke concerning my sleeping accommodations. My bed was, in fact, the very type I slept on when my son was three. It was a chair that folds completely flat. You wouldn't have any desire to purchase it from an infomercial, but it beat an airline seat on a red-eye flight, all to heck.

I slept. My son slept. Our technician, Deborah, couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. She chatted comfortably with us and was incredibly knowledgeable. I did a little clock watching and following of my son's monitor through the night. Fascinating to see your precious child drawing peaceful breaths and observe what is happening in his body. And yes, he has sleep issues. Has to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist about those overly large tonsils (forgot to put that in the singles ad - had mine out when I was 25).

We both fell into deep sleep around 5a.m. - when they were supposed to kick us out - but Deborah, our angel, took mercy on us and let us sleep until 6:30. We walked out to a beautifully rainy day. The StonePowellReillys love weather. Must be our English/Scottish/Irish roots. Ah! thunder just now! And POURING rain!! Gotta go....the tradition is porch swing, hot chocolate, and stories on rainy/thunder days and I must heed the call! Thank you for all the prayers. They were answered!


  1. You must save that last picture for future girlfriend torture!

  2. Glad you made it through the sleep clinic. Isn't the rain wonderful? Yay rain. I hope it keeps up enough to listen the water rationing needs here. Come on rain. We need you to fill up the resevoirs.

  3. I'm very glad that everything went well. Wishing you both a night filled with sweet dreams.

    Ratty old pillows are the BEST!

  4. What a neat boy you got there. Plus, I love the tradition of hot chocolate on the porch with rain. Things like that stay with us- your children are blessed.

  5. What a cute son--I see quite a resemblance to his Mom! :-)

  6. What a good sport your son is to let you take those photos!

    Glad to hear that the visit exceeded expectations.

  7. Robynn - I'm sending out at SOS on behalf of my dear little Percy. He has been dognapped!
    Please, I beg of you, ask your readers to help. They can go to:
    and beg for mercy on my dear sweet plastic dog boy.
    I would also appreciate a plug for bringing back, not only my doggie, but for bagels and cheesecake to ease my weary soul.
    (PS - you can check my blog, to see the ransome note.)

  8. What a lovely picture of your darling boy! Glad to hear that you got through it all right and that now you might have an answer to the sleep issue. XXXXXXX

  9. I for one noticed the moose on the pillowcase - ok - that's random, but given the situation, I thought I'd be light! Love you guys and praying for you....