Saturday, February 28, 2009

Observational Twitter 12


"You can't get spoiled if you do your own ironing." Meryl Streep


"Ironing? I give all my ironing away and why shouldn't I? By the time I get to it it's all out of style." Robynn Reilly

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  1. Oh,I don't iron either! ONLY, when I want to wear something that need's ironed and I do it then, which is very seldom.
    I sent you a gmail. First time I've ever used gmail,so I hope it went through.

  2. I like to iron some of my shirts, but would never do sheets, etc. like they did years ago!

  3. I never iron. My poor husband, he wears wrinkled khakis and shirts all the time and never complains. I try to get them out of the dryer in time, I try to buy the wrinkle resistant materials for him...because it just ain't happening around here. I have to much to have Wii bowling tournaments and cookie bake-offs. You know, the important stuff.

  4. I grew up ironing sheets and tablecloths on a mangle, as well as the family clothes with a steam iron.
    I earned my first car ('57 Chevy Bel Aire in 1971) by doing ironing at 25 cents a piece - for the neighbors. The K family had 7 boys and each one wanted their jeans and shirts ironed differently and the little girl's dresses were full of ruffles and tucks. Man... I was GOOD - and I got rich!
    I have NEVER EVER EVER ironed again. I just avoid situations where my clothes have to be ironed.

  5. Ha ha ha!

    We don't iron. Full stop. I use my hands to shake out the wrinkles while the washing is still damp...

  6. I learned a trick for ironing men's shirts from a lady who worked for a laundry service. Iron the shirt in this order: First the collar, then the yoke, cuffs, sleeve, right side, back and finish with the left side. Goes pretty fast that way.

  7. Homestay Mama... that's how my stay at home mama taught me how to iron shirts over 50 years ago now. I started ironing hankies and table napkins on a mangle like Tatersmama when I was about 5, then progressed to the hand iron in a year or two. I can remember how excited we were to get the steam iron and spray starch. And, like most every commentor, I don't iron now unless I have to... T-shirts and jeans around here work fine.


  8. I hate ironing. I don't do it until I am about to wear something that needs it. I have a girlfriend from high school that still irons baskets of clothes. She even irons her sheets! Thats crazy, I tell her.

  9. I can't beleive you all don't do ironing! I do ironing (although I usually just call it iron) just before bed, without all the collar, yoke, cuff, sleeve stuff; I just swallow it right down.

  10. Hi Robynn, just popped over from Jillybean. She's a riot.
    I use to iron but not anymore. Just hang 'em up or fold---maybe.

  11. I'm like Tater...spent my childhood "having" to iron sheets etc...and then to earn the money for things I wanted, I ironed for others.
    I let my skin do the ironing..if it fails, I throw on a sweatshirt or a sweater if I'm worried about someone noticing!
    Which is ...well never!

  12. Oh man. I never iron. Unless I'm sewing, but then it's called pressing. Sometimes I feel quilty about it. But that's what Downy wrinkle releaser is for. Greatest invention ever.