Saturday, February 7, 2009

News of the Day and Tidying Up

Dognap Alert:

I have been beseeched by Libby, at Neas Nuttiness, to help bring home her pooch. It would seem his little plastic canine self has been dognapped! To frighten the criminals with fiercesome threats go to:

There, you will see photos of poor Percy and his perils. And you'll be able to leave a message on behalf of his release and Lib's request that they also recompense her with bagels and cheesecake. Really, it's the least they can do.

And this just in.........

I visited Humor Bloggers, a small little group, and decided to try and join. I have been rejected. Apparently, I am not funny when compared to their scintillating wit. I encourage you to go here to decide whether I should be dejected or delighted. Then please advise and I will emote accordingly.


Please check out the new button to your right - 5 Minutes for Giveaways - to give you an opportunity to enter great contests. I do not make anything for your clicks but I thought it was such a fun idea to have this quick link. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Thank you Robynn...If I get any cheesecake, I'll send you a piece!

    And you...not funny enough? What a a crock. You have my sides splitting, just about every time that I drop by. Those people should be ashamed of themselves for rejecting you. Should we start a "write in" campaign on your behalf?

  2. Sheeeesh...YOU'RE not funny enough??? WTH?
    I won't bother to check 'em out then.
    pppppbbbbbbtttttt on them!

    If Libby gets the petition going, I'll sign it!

  3. Me three. I'll sign a petition too. I can't believe they don't think you are funny enough. Have they read your Blue Tooth post? That one had me in hysterics. I am glad you are joining forces in getting the kidnappers, I mean dognappers to release poor Percy.

  4. They don't know what they are missin'! You are so funny. get that petition going!

  5. Okay don't know how much I appreciate you coming to my defense but truly TRULY I am SO glad they didn't accept me.

    After perusing their site more thoroughly (which I didn't do before I applied but SHOULD have) I am embarrassed that I even tried to join. It to say this politely....elementary? in its scope and extremely disjointed. It is also inappropriate in many ways. Thank the LORD they didn't want me! My angels really ARE working overtime.

    But if ever I should be TRULY affronted, it will be all of you I want on my side!! xoxoxoxoxox

  6. Of COURSE you can use the video !
    Go for it, girl!!

  7. I just read your last comment... and Hey, that's what friends are for ! Who needs 'em anyway??

  8. Just scanned the humorbloggers site... didn't stay long as it my attention was not entertained. Blessing in disguise you weren't "accepted". I sure like 'blessings in disguise' ...just sometimes wish they'd reveal themselves sooner.

  9. Robynn,
    I think you should be delighted. I didn't think they were that funny.
    I honestly think you could and should write a book! Let me know when you do--- I will buy it.