Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Shocked!

Ree, The Pioneer Woman, commented on my Essay over at Red Pine Mountain. How fun!
Here is her comment, reprinted by permission from Red Pine.

Ree said...

That was a beautiful essay, Robynn!

I feel compelled to tell you, however, that though I'm tall and have been perceived as a relatively "thin" person throughout my life, I am very, very far from thin right now. I've gained about ten pounds in the past year (cookbook, anyone?)...and we won't talk about the baby weight I already was holding onto before that. :)

This really has nothing to do with your lovely essay. But since I'm such an in depth investigative journalist (heh heh) I felt I needed to set the record straight.

Red Pine shared that Pioneer Woman was her inspiration for starting her blog. I started for different reasons but found her right away through Linda at Another Piece of the Pie and became a huge fan and follower immediately. I know she has thousands of people who read her every day and is busier than ten people put together. Consequently, I simply never expected to hear from her personally. What a shock and a wonderful surprise! But I must say this: all of my friends who stop in here so often, some daily, and leave me the funniest, most touching, and incredibly encouraging responses, are what keep me going and make me feel this is all worth doing. I love you guys.


  1. Congratulations! I'm happy for you!

    And also, thank you for your sweet comment on my post today.

  2. Wow! You're BIG time now!

    hahaha, my word verification is
    cruela! Wonder what that means and who it is directed towards!

  3. Where at on PW did she comment? I want to read it.

  4. Robynn,
    Was that a dream come true for you having her leave a comment? It sure was exciting having her even click on my blog. She was my inspiration for starting Red Pine Mountain. Wow! Please feel welcome to copy and paste her comment on your blog.

  5. Homestay Mama: Thank you! Isn't that fun? And it really isn't hard to think up ANY sweet things to say to you. YOU are the inspiration for them.

    The Wife: Yeah, boy huh? ;>) Have to get my hat sized again. And the "cruela" word might have been inserted by my kids. They have a couple of deadlines, I'm holdin' their feet to the fire, and it's gettin' a little too toasty around here....mothering isn't for wimps. YIKES!

    Karen: Thank You! and she commented over on Mountain Woman's site at Red Pine Mountain and she told me I could paste it up over here. And here she is now:

    Mountain Woman: THANK YOU for letting me share it here. Yep, yep, yep...that was pretty darned exciting!

  6. Ohhhh that is amazing! Isn't it great? Makes you love them all the more. I too am a huge PW fan, who isn't these days... and considering the thousands she has as followers, I'd say that is the mother-lode of comments! So happy for you :)

  7. very cool - I understand your being excited because she is like the celebrity of the blogging world! Not to mention that it's always nice to get positive feedback anyway. :)

  8. I've just found your blog after reading your wonderful essay at Red Pine Mountain...

    Your words are my thoughts, they just don't come out the way you write!!! :0)

    So nice of you to visit...your kind words are much appreciated!


  9. Congrats - I know how you feel... Ree singled me out the other day in her Confessions. The hits made my head spin!

    It was a wonderful essay!! It should be Kirtsy-ed... and if I had anything beyond a cursory understanding of that site, I'd do it!

  10. Wow - that was a lovely comment! She sure is a nice person, our Pioneer Woman!

    Just like you!

  11. I just read your winning piece...wonderful as usual! Oh so funny too...congraulations, my friend!!!! Hey, for the record, I think you're beautiful!

  12. Vicky: It was definitely one of those "Won't forget THAT!" moments! and THANK You! :)

    Tabitha: Funny you say that because Grizzly said, "Wow! The Oprah of the blog world wrote to you! Then he touched my shoulder, made the ssssssssizzle sound, and told me to get to Costco and buy toilet paper. Yep, it's the big time now......!

    Azure: So glad it meant something to you. And if any of you reading this (like who else would know I'm saying this? Duh.) haven't visited her site? Please do. She makes the MOST incredible jewelry. I have my eye on the broken heart.

    Cotton Wife!!! I tried to link back to you but it doesn't take me anywhere. I wanted to tell you I saw your name come up on PW's site the other day. Tried to link then too but died. Would you mind sending your URL? And THANK YOU for thinking I should be Kirtsy-ed. I had no idea what that was so I googled it (I'm still really new out here). Lots of people have made suggestions to me over the years about things that should be done to me but none were as friendly sounding and hopeful as yours!

    Lady Fi: You are too kind AND funny. Go check her out this morning. She's being interviewed!

  13. Oh my gosh - I really know someone who was mentioned on PDub. My heart is all aflutter!

    I see that you are up to 74 followers. Just one more to go!

  14. WOW!
    Ree was my inspiration for stating this whole blogging road, so for you to get a personal comment... well, honey, it's certainly well-deserved!!!

    You'll have to let us know how your "hits" go up!
    Write 'em down now... so you can see (and share) the difference!!!

  15. New follower here from PW blog.....your essay could have written by me (well not really, I am not talented with the words like you, but you know what I mean), especially the bit about avoiding the doctor...oh. my. gosh. Are you in my head or what? Glad to meet ya!

    Leisa from Minnesoooooota.

  16. Robynn
    What a fantastic essay! I enjoyed it and can totally relate!

  17. YOU DID IT!!!! 76 foloowers!! Hats off to you, whetever the size! So glad for you Rob!

  18. foloowers? Who needs spellcheck?! Whatever size, meaning HAT size!

  19. Fabulous essay ... you always tell your story from the heart and it always hits me right in the heart. I swear, you are telling so many of our stories. We all seem to relate. Even Ree!

  20. Yay, for you!!! I just love hoppin' over here and reading your fun stuff!

  21. Beautiful essay, Robynn. The essence of your writing is the powerful ring of truth in it and that's what keeps us all tuned in. I'm going to raise my glass to all us fluffy girls and to PW for helping make your day!

  22. Ree knows a good writer when she reads one!

  23. How wonderful that she commented on your essay!! I realize what an influence she has been to congrats!! And thank you for your kind comment over on my blog, as well! :)

  24. Libby: Aren't you just twitter-pated for me?! lol Thank you!

    Tatersmama: I did NOT know PW was your inspiration to start your blog until you said that. And thank you for your WOOOOOHOOOOOS! (I am so behind right now - what a time to be gone all day!)

    Iah_406: Glad to meet you, too! And thanks for FOLLOWING!! So glad you came by and I'm sure you COULD have written the same thing. Don't you hate it when you were just at the doctor's two days before and they want to weigh you again??! I swear they just enjoy the torture! (Apologies to all you kind and caring souls who work at drs. offices and would never do such a thing. You have to remember I have perfected paranoia!)

    Plow and Pony: THANK YOU for signing up to FOLLOW!! And for your encouragement!

    Teresa: Spell it however you want. It's still a yaHOO! We'll hug when I see you!

    Linda: You think of the kindest things to say to me. THANK you!

    Hafts Happenings: Hop around girl! I am HOPPIN' today right along with ya. Glad to hang out with you, too!

    Frugal Maven: I think, just maybe, I will lift a glass tonight, too. And I'll lift to the east and think of my oh-so-supportive fluffy friend! :)

    Treehouse Chef: THANK you friend. Such a nice thing to say to me! :)

    Andrea: THANK YOU for signing up to follow! And, yes, between Ree and hitting 77 here today, I'm all exclamation marks tonight!!! :)

  25. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog the other day. I loved your essay, which I read at pine mountain. It is so very well written and for someone like myself that has struggled with the up and down yo yo weight thing myself I could relate so much. Great essay!

  26. Let's light some fireworks!!
    Your essay is outstanding! I must admit though, PW blog is one I don't visit..from day one of starting this blogging thing, hers takes wayyyy too long to load for my system. Maybe I'm missing out...but I have found so many, like yours, that must be comparable to say the least!
    (I commented at RPMn too)