Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road (or me!)

I have watched Feedjit bringing in some of the most fascinating places and people. I am truly grateful. If I keep posting things that entertain or interest you, may I ask a favor? Would you consider signing up to follow? Even if you're not one to leave comments, and not everyone is, you can let me know you're hangin' out with me by following. It would be MUCH appreciated. It's not hard. Just look to your right and you will see an option "Follow This Blog" above the little group of photos. It just takes a minute. The more followers I have the greater visibility it gives me and helps me to get my work out there.

Thank you for dropping in and for caring. And for all of those already following? A very sincere THANK YOU!! It means so much.

I hope to repay you through a contest or two. If I can hit 75 followers I will have a rockin' contest that'll be worth your while! You all are the BEST!

With Love,



  1. Awwh, what the heck.. I'm following you. I guess I just didn't want to admit (to myself) that I am a blog addict. I had been following about 4-5 blogs a half a year ago. I told myself to keep things under control here... now I, on a fairly regular basis, read nine (!) -yours' being #9. I HAVE to stop there... you just seem like such a neat down-homey person, I couldn't resist!

  2. You're preaching to the converted, here ! I've been with you for a while now, but I'm happy to put the word out - because I just love reading your blog!
    (and you too, of course!!)

  3. Ok I am sold. Tatersmama urged me to read your blog and I laughed my a$$ off reading about the ground hogs. I am now hooked.

  4. Hey Robynn,
    RE: Kathy's comment

    Hmmm... maybe we need to start talking commission here, eh?
    *wink wink* *snort snort*

  5. Nah... on second thought, just your friendship is enough for me.
    Although that .27 cents DOES sounds appealing. ;-)

  6. Of course I will! anything for a rockin contest! :)

  7. I'm with TM!

    I finally got the right address on my dashboard, so I'm getting your posts now. Thank goodness. I can't go without my daily Robynn Fix!

    Let me know if this works for you, cause if it does, I'm going to give it a try. Both you and KathieTatie have jumped way ahead of me:(

    I'm glad that BZ is following you now. I love to pop into her place.

    If Tatersmama doesn't take the .27 cents - send it too me, cause I wrote about you before she did. Nah-nah-nah-nanah-na (sticking my tongue out)

  8. Ah geeeez, Libby's right.
    That .27cents should rightfully go to her, because "she" saw you first.
    Excuse me, but I need to go pout now. ;-(

  9. Cool Auntie,
    I have always loved your sense of humor. I will attempt to do a baby blog ;-)

  10. I am already following. I think I was directed here by Libby of Nea's Nuttiness. Sounds like she is collecting quite a commission for directing readers here. But I am still here cuz you are too funny. Plus I love meeting another California person. Bay area one to boot!

  11. Ok. Ok. Ladies...
    What in the world is going on here?? really want to have a contest give-away?? Why wait? Just give it to me, I won't squabble, I'll just say Thank you and be on my way!

    (I stay in touch with so many before this follower thing came to be, if I had new followers I'd never get anything done.
    ....well, I don't as it is but don't tell anyone, especially Cowboy!BUT..I'm glad you entered my world!)