Monday, February 9, 2009

Australian Wild Fires

Australian Wild Fires - Requesting Prayer

For any of you visiting my site for very long, you may have seen a blog on my sidebar by "Tatersmama." She is a transplanted Californian living in Australia and is surrounded by news of suffering and death right now. She is not directly affected by the fire itself (meaning the flames are not on top of her but they aren't very far away), and there is some involvement, she says, which she will post about when she can. We will just have to wait and see.

There have been so many deaths (update: 180+ as of Wednesday) and injuries. Whole towns have been wiped out. People trying to flee in their cars have been unable to outrun it at times. One survivor, recounting his experience last night on the Weather Channel News, described it as "raining fire." The horror and swiftness of this inferno is almost too much to comprehend. You can read one of the latest stories here.

We are keeping them, and Tatersmama, in our prayers and just asking those of you who would, to do the same. So many are suffering. I don't feel I can post about anything else right now but will resume my regular post tomorrow.

Thank you all for caring and I'm sure Tatersmama would appreciate any words of encouragement you would want to send her way. She is an incredible woman. She wouldn't want me to say so but it is true. Her daily life includes caring for autistic and developmentally disabled children in her home. Additionally, she has contacted the Red Cross to see if she can offer shelter to victims of the fire. We are grateful for you TM. You don't talk about compassion and caring, you live it. Our prayers are with you.

With Love,



  1. Those fires are amazingly terrible, definitely will send up prayers for your friend, and those down near the inferno. Thanks for your comments on my blog, they're so much fun to get.

  2. How terrible, all those people will be in my prayers.
    Thank you for letting me know.

  3. Thank you Robynn...
    The new just keeps rolling in and just when we think it couldn't get much worse... it does. The death toll is up to 180+ right now and there's no end in sight.

    I've volunteered to take in some of those poor people who have been left homeless, and the Red Cross will be getting back to me tomorrow. It'll be a squeeze, but it's better to be squished a bit then do nothing, you know?

    Thank you my friend, for helping me to maintain my sanity - and I mean that. Maybe you need to distract me with a LMAO post tomorrow, eh?
    {{{{{ Big Hugs}}}}}}

  4. I just visited TatersMama. It is so heartbreaking. I did see the Weather channel and the other news channels showing it, but I just can't imagine living it.
    My thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families.

    I just saw Tatersmama comment about taking in victims. She is something else, alright!!


  5. So very sad and horrific - my heart and prayers go out to them.

  6. Well done Tatersmama for helping!

    My heart goes out to everyone in Australia. Such a needless tragedy. So much loss and pain. I grieve.

  7. Praying hard, well done for your post. Poor poor people out there. It must be a terrible thing to have whole towns wiped out. Can you imagine the horror.
    More prayers. X

  8. It's heartbreaking. Tatersmama ... you are blessing to offer your help and your home. We will be praying.