Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You Following Me?

This is another shameless bid to encourage you to sign up to follow. The last attempt at begging was so successful I'm only 8 followers away from the contest for two $50 gift certificates to (A BIG thank you to all of you who have already signed up!)

It's great to see my maps bringing you all in. Would you consider clicking on that little button above the group of photos on the right and joining our party? We're having a ball out here! Join the ranks! Make your voice heard!


  1. Silly Lady! Ya know? I could build a few more 'dummy' blogs and click on that button...would I win the prize?

  2. Hey WOW! I think that's a good idea!!! You conniver!

    And TRICIA!!!! You didn't post here but I saw your picture when you signed up to follow! I didn't even know you were reading the blog! How are you and the fam?! How are you liking Florida?!

  3. Hi Robynn! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! I'm completely addicted to PW as well. Thanks so much for putting a link to their site on your blog. I know there are so many good hearted people in the blog world that someone would take action - Many many thanks!


  4. Sure, I'll follow you if you hurry up and post the rest of the hilarious bear story!

  5. You're shameless... did you know that?
    (btw, I would follow you anywhere. Except the airport. *double snort*)

  6. What a sweetheart you are!! Thanks for your comment about our designs!

  7. I am SOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS! I put you on the map...and then you run away with the followers:) How are you doing this?
    I, on the other hand...have to stop posting - yep that's right, I got 2 new followers, while I was out on "broken leg leave". Is somebody trying to tell me something?
    I wanted to have a blogversary giveaway (on the 26th), but I still won't be home (sniff sniff). I'm trying to decides what to do. Got any suggestions?
    Um, is it just me...or is Katie Tatie snorting a bit too much today? (At least she doesn't have out a can of Crisco!!!)Oh no, I just went blind from the mental image - good thing that I can type without looking at the keys. Hee-hee, hiccup, snort!