Sunday, February 15, 2009

And the Award Goes To......

I am so tardy posting my awards I seem ungrateful. Truly, I am not. I am lufetargnu. That's so opposite of ungrateful it's backwards. I'm just a little uncomfortable with awards. I love giving them, especially to the kind of people I hang out with here, but posting them feels more awkward to me.

But here they are.....

I'm still so new out here and just starting my third month orbiting around in cyberspace. Shouldn't I do more time in the trenches? Shouldn't you grill me more? Put me through my paces? Wait to see if I dry up and go away? Hope I go away if I dry up?

Well, I guess not, since you're comin' around an encouraging me all the time. And I can't tell you how much it has meant to me. My life has broadened and deepened because of you all. I have a happier spring in my step and a lighter heart. I like to like to read like to write.....I like to read it......and I think to myself......what a wonderful world! Thank you for embracing me so warmly.

And now.....

I have received these awards from several sources. The Lemonade Stand came from Libby at NeasNuttiness, Katie at Tatersmama, Homestay Mama at Home to the World, Frugal Maven at Hip & Stingy and, quite awhile back, from someone else that, for the life of me, I can't recall. Please forgive my overcrowded, cluttered mind. I put your name somewhere in here and it's probably buried under my mental laundry. I really must neaten things up in here one of these days. That'll teach me to procrastinate.

The "I Love Your Blog" award also came from LIbby and Katie.

Now, I know lots of you have received these awards. But I may give them to you again because I can't help it if I admire your attitude and love your blog. If you have received them before, don't feel obligated to pass them on again. Just know that I couldn't help myself. I'm going to give them together because I don't follow your blog unless I love it so, it would figure they would come as a pair.

1. The Mosquitoes Buzz. I can't even remember how I found her but this is proof that less can be more. She keeps it simple and beautiful. I feel as if we know each other in real life. I go there for honesty and "ahhhh" moments.

2. The Treehouse Chef at Treehouse Kitchen. I count on her to feed us. I just made her pecan pie and would advise you not to because your thighs will never be the same. It was incredible. She is another one who makes me feel all warm and cozy. If her house were any more snuggly and yummy smelling I'd just have to buy a plane ticket and head on over for a retreat. And she could cook for me the whole time. Doesn't that just sound delightful? For me? (Okay, I hear her barring the door right now.)

3. Homestay Mama at Home to the World. I want a mama like her only she's too young to be my mama. She's wise and caring and sacrificing and filled with spiritual wisdom; the best kind. She has a gift of encouragement and uses it on me, frequently. I am better for knowing her. MANY are better for knowing her.

4. Katie at Tatersmama. This woman is incredibly giving, loving, funny, straight-up, deep, and selfless. She is a true "Velveteen Rabbit" and has been made real by having a great deal of her fur rubbed off by life. I am also incredulous for her that she cannot get Crisco, pecans, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Dr. Pepper in the Land Down Under. They should fix all of this just for her. Australia imported her from California. You would think they would treat her better for all she does there. Katie, I think about coming to visit you and when I do, I always pack my suitcases with these items and have imaginary, but satisfying, fights with Customs.

5. Libby at Neas Nuttiness. Libby was the first to promote me to her friends and send them over when I hardly knew what a "Follower" was. She put up a link to me and made me sound like the next in line for a Pulitzer. She is witty, warm, and always leaves funny or encouraging comments. And she's faithful to her friends out here.......even blogs when she's all drugged up after surgery. YOU go over to her place and see if YOU can make sense of the post about all the plastic pooches. It's okay, Libby. Go back to sleep.

6. Reginia at Tetertots. Reg and I have been hangin' out together for several years. We have the same fire in our bellies. (Her belly is a lot flatter and cuter than mine, though.) We both like to see justice done and dislike bullies. But she's so much sweeter in the way she goes about achieving this. She has finesse. And graciousness. She has also opened her heart and home to a lovely teenage girl and has incorporated her as her own. She wouldn't think that's a big deal. That's how she rolls.

7. Neabear Is anyone sweeter than Linnea? She always leaves the nicest comments and has so much fun with all her buddies. She participates in everything and has a great time with all she does. Her photos make you feel like you're right in her home. I have no doubt her friends and family are blessed by her on a regular basis. And she plays the organ. Who can do THAT anymore?

7a. Frugal Maven at Hip & Stingy. You will love her. She's short (the posts, not her, I mean, I don't really know but short is good, and tall is good, too.....this is irrelevant....I will edit it.....probably not....unlike her I do not often embrace brevity) and to the point, she is just filled with variety. I still haven't embraced the "making your own laundry detergent" thing but I am in awe that she has and does. Lots of good tips and she lives in an old church. Go LOOK!

7b. Linda at Another Piece of the Pie. Linda makes me laugh with her wry humor and practical view of the world. I mean, she bought her husband a toilet seat for Valentine's Day. Need I say more? She's a good cook and shares her recipes, we both drink raw milk, and we homeschool our kids. And both our husbands are in love with their espresso machines. We have "grounds" for a friendship.

7c. Ladybird World Mother. She comes to us from England and if her wit got any sharper and more pointed it would never be allowed on the flight over here. Again, can't remember how I found her but I'm glad I did. She gives me lots of "giggles," as she calls them, and keeps me smiling with her British vernacular. She's an incredibly keen observer of life and mines it to great effect.

7d. Becky at Becky and Her Babies. This woman posts some of the funniest jokes I have ever read, and that's saying something in cyberspace. I get the kids running in here to find out why I am laughing my posterior off. Most of the time I can tell them. She's also a great friend to Libby and I always admire great friends.

7e. High Desert Diva. Oh my. She is my required daily dose of beauty and inspiration. As an interior designer, her colors are vibrant and inspiring. She also passes along beautiful sayings or prose. Very regenerative for the spirit. Haven't gone a day without her since I found her. And she always has interesting "asides" or tidbits. A little something for everyone. She doesn't know it yet so, don't mention it, but when I go through Oregon this summer, I'll be staying with her for a few days. Let the preparations begin.

7f. Gizzards & Calf Fries. She keeps me entertained in pictures and witty brevity. Again, nothing I can achieve but, that's the beauty of it. I love dropping in everyday to see mud and horses and holes in the barn roof. She's a busy gal but always takes the time to post a comment and frequently cracks me up. I follow her around just to read her comments on other posts.

7g. NaomiG at Diaries of the Happy Sanitarium. This is my little family. I mean, they don't REALLY belong to me. I just met them out here. But she is such a good mama and does fun things with the kiddos and well, if I had a kid sister, she would be it. And I would be the auntie who spoiled the girls and sent them home rotten. Just love her down home goodness and always feel better for having dropped by.

7h. Life on a Southern Farm. Just down-home goodness. Simple. Warm. Feel-good photos of all her little farm friends. Miracle Eve the goat who is 2/3rds Farmer John Ham. Sweet fun. Faithful commenter and encourager.

7i. From Single to Married A gentle and tender look at just starting out and planning a family. She likes to ask her readers questions and have them participate. And she even sends private, encouraging emails. But she isn't afraid to talk about those really inconvenient issues of IBS...and she knows where all the best toilets are.

7j. A Cowboy's Wife. She's been out of commission for awhile but I hope she's back at it soon. The woman can write. And she can tell it like it is. And if you don't like it, well, you can get over it. Boy, I LOVE that. She's as real as they come and she hasn't only had a hard row to hoe, she hasn't even had a hoe a lot of the times. I think she may have done a lot of plowing with her bare hands.

8. And finally, On a Quirky Quest with Lady Fi. She is a British ex-pat who is now living happily in Sweden with her husband. I love her for her cooking......(shhhhh, yeah RIGHT)....especially the yogurt with ketchup she had us all try for Valentine's Day. She's a great writer, fun to follow, and a constant source of humor and encouragement.

So, there you have it. I stuck to the rules of only nominating eight. You can see that by the numbers.

Now, for all you award winners who HAVEN'T already done this, here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post. 2. Nominate at least 8 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude. 3. Link to your nominees within your post. 4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. 5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.


  1. Wow! What a great post! I love how you described who and why you are bestowing the awards to your fellow bloggers. Including moi!?! Thank for all the nice words. Now I need to be a good girl and do a catch up post on awards I have received. I am waaaaayyyy behind on that one. Speaking of the organ, I had to do that duty again today. Thank you again for the awards.

  2. Aww, thanks! That's very sweet, and incredibly kind. I'm asleep on my feet, can I read the rules tomorrow!? Thanks!

  3. Wow - many many thanks for the awards!

    And I hear you about my cooking skills .. they are pretty hopeless. I'm hoping you'll get over to Stockholm one day and take me out for a decent meal! ;-)

  4. Oh, Robynn, you are just too kind! I can't possibly live up to your description of me. But I thank you for the award.

    I've got to go get me some shut-eye now, but I will read your post/rules again and get working on my acceptance post as soon as I'm able.


  5. Hey thanks! Always nice to wake up to an award.

    Let me know if you really do come to Oregon :-)

  6. Robynn! Thank you so much for such a lovely surprise!! am thrilled to bits and will lug them back to my place, cuddle them for a bit, and then put them up there, on the Blog Shelf. you're a star. Thank you!!! XXXX

  7. Oh Robynn,
    You are too kind! But thanks anyway...I always love chatting with you and never feel like it's long enough. I hope you will keep blogging, it's way too fun to read! I'll have to try sending out awards...I'm just not as articulate as so many other, but I'll give it a whirl, especially since it's a nice way to encourage fellow bloggers. It's raining, yah! Sounds like a good day for blogging.... Love you!

  8. Robbyn,
    Thank you for your sweet words! Your blog makes me laugh out loud daily.

  9. My dear,dear Robynn,
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the award! I would have thought you had been at blogging for years as you do such an exceptional job. I don't know how to do what you are asking in the rules. I am internet illiterate!

  10. So sweet!! I'm so new to the blogging world that I'm not sure how the awards work, but any time some appreciates your writing, it's a good thing, right? Thanks for the shout out!!


  11. Thank-you Robynn so much for thinking of me for an award. I do appreciate it.
    I too am far behind on awards, reviews and blog visiting. Farm life is just so busy lately.
    I always enjoy stopping by and visiting with you. Almost as good as rocking on the front porch sipping ice tea with a neighbor.
    Have a great day and thanks again.

  12. Oh my word! I am soooo behind on awards. I don't think I posted the last one you gave me. You did give me one previously didn't you? ummmm, well, let's move on. Thanks so much!

  13. My Goodness Robynn.... you are ever too kind.... really, really and truly. Isn't it funny how this internet land connects people! Thank you so for the kind words you chose. I've been called simple before, but usually just by itself, not with the other sweet words... :-)... and I've been called honest too, but sometimes it's been said along with 'to a fault'... :-). You are so very kind.Well, since my life is made up of the Little Things, I shall post the award with zeal! Thank you.
    Ohhh, speaking of being 'simple' and 'honest'... a quick story for you ...the simple part is because you'll think, "Uhh, duh!" and the honest part is... well, because... I honestly probably should not share this 'simple' moment(!)... here goes:
    When I read this post of yours about you getting awards and being tardy on posting them and seeming ungrateful... you said that you are really not ungrateful and that you're 'lufetargnu'... quite the opposite of ungrateful (which is 'ungrateful spelled backwards').. well, duh(!), I get it NOW. But when I first read it, what did I do?!? I highlighted the word and went to to look up the meaning! ...yes, I HONESTLY shouldn't share how SIMPLE I am sometimes! After that site AND Webster's dictionary site didn't know the word, I came back and re-read the post to discover, "Duh!".
    Okay, nuff shared for today.
    Thank you for the award, I need all the help I can get.

  14. Oh Robynn! I'm like you with these awards. AWKWARD and TARDY! So forgive me and thank you ahead of time!
    I had to LOL!! You know me too too well!
    .."she may have done a lot of plowing with her bare hands..'

    Am I that obvious??

  15. Thanks Robynn! As always you are a dear. Isn't it nice to have this little mutual admiration society? You keep me laughing and tuned in to what happens next in Fresno. Thanks for the awards!

  16. This was great! Can't wait to go meet all of them.

  17. Katie/Tatersmama is the only gal I 'know' from your list. She's in the same 'business' as me but I can tell you she's super carer compared to me:)
    She's a terrific lady with a terrific blog - very deserving of your awards.