Saturday, January 31, 2009

Typing Type

Did you know you might have a typing style? Neither did I.

During a highly scientific research project I didn't know was taking place, my husband and daughter informed me I type in very different ways. They made this announcement public yesterday at an informal press conference. It was all news to me. No one listens when I talk but they pay attention to my typing? Why aren't I writing them letters? Loudly?

Apparently, I sometimes type 700 miles an hour (or Mach 1) pounding out each word so hard and fast I can be heard as far away as Paris. Frankly, I am incredulous. If I yell my loudest that the dishes have not been done yet, absolutely no one in the whole house, in any location, can hear me at all.

At other times, I am told, my typing is tentative, quiet....a staccato ritardando (I am not swayed by this fancy-schmancy vernacular - anything with the word "retard" in it is an insult).

Well, I can explain these two phenomenons easily and there was no research necessary.

First of all, if I get an idea I have to type really really really really fast before it leaves my head because then I would.............I would..........I would.........I'll get back to this.

The quiet parts are me editing the loud parts. Or searching the data banks for something fresh. Do you ever feel like you only have a 100 word vocabulary and you just keep recycling them in different ways? Okay, you're right. 100 words is hyperbole. I'm stuck at 50. (Koko the gorilla knows 1000 sign language words. Where is she when I need her?)

But there you have it. If you're a writer, a blogger, an emailer, or someone with an extremely boring life, listen to yourself type next time. Or have someone else listen. When you're done, look over and ask them what they perceived. They will most likely be in a coma. Take this opportunity to vigorously and loudly recount to them all the chores you want done. They won't hear this either.

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  1. Typing is a very curious thing. I am so thankful that I received a typing class in High School. It has served me well. I don't look at the keys when I type because I was taught not to. My piano teacher also taught us not to look at our fingers when playing. I fly when I type so does my husband, yet he only pecks with two fingers. I use all ten digits!

  2. At work, us therapists have to do our documentation my computer. But only 4 computers and as many as 10 therapists plus a couple of other people vying for the 4 computers. I find it interesting to watch some of the others type. Several of them watch their hands, at least one other besides me watches the screen instead of our hands, at least one does a sort of weird hunt and peck. Kind of wonder who took typing and who didn't in school. Me? I took typing in school.

  3. I like the last paragraph of your post! No one used to hear me either. Both ex-hubby and son moved out long ago so now the only person to yell at about chores is me, myself. Sometimes I don't hear myself either! LOL

  4. I took typing for 4 bloody years in high school and did quite well. But after all of the years of not typing, I'm now a real fast hunt and pecker.

    Hmmmm, I wonder...
    "If a typewriter types in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

  5. I am so thankful for Miss Cooper and high school typing class. I don't have to look at my keyboard or my fingers. But my problem is this ... I find myself typing way too fast in an effort to keep up with my thoughts. It sounds something like this ...
    type type type ... delete delete delete ...
    ... then ... shoot ... I forgot where I was going with that thought because I got distracted deleting all my spelling mistakes. UGH!

    I love that there's a psychology to typing. I just don't want to know how I'd be analyzed. (I hit 2 deletes for every 3 words in this post ... just in case you're taking statistics)

  6. I never thought about a typing style but have been brought out of a typing frenzy several times by my husband laughing at my complete separation from the rest of the world around me. Perhaps I am also in a scientific study and didn't know it? Typing is the only thing I retained in high school. Wonder if they still even teach it? These little ones seem to know how to manage a keyboard at 2.

  7. Dave and I have had "typing" conversations for years. He's a very hard, pound at the keys typer. I tease him that he still thinks he's on a manual typewriter or maybe he thinks the computer will receive it better if he types like a concert pianist who raises his hand after every chord played. He's fast though! I'm slow and contemplative, unless like you I'm trying to get something on paper before it leaves my little brain.

  8. Typing noises was one of the most annoying things about working in an office. I think that a lot of people who are older than me took typing... I started using a computer in 1st grade--I'm 27, and was hooked. They didn't offer typing to kids that young. By the time I was old enough to take a typing class, I already could type without looking at the keyboard. Do I use the right fingers? Probably not. But I am so fast the computer has a hard time keeping up with me, and I almost never look at the keyboard. So, I figure it works. I love how you said people hear that, but not requests to do chores. I'm noticing that around my house too... Grrrr!

  9. that's funny, I've never even though about my typing. Although it should be obvious to me since I have to write in absolute quiet. (just ask my husband!) Maybe next time I'll pay more attention to the sound it makes...

  10. I don't even know what your post "said", as I can't stop laughing at the picture!

  11. Loved this post and the photo is divine!