Friday, January 2, 2009

Short Insane Moments with Robynn Reilly 1

While yesterday was great - I spent the late afternoon and evening with some of my dearest, fun friends - I spent an hour or so falling apart before that. I bawled, I carried on as only I can, I lamented my BIG health - the frustrations, the actuality of it all, having to get off the only medicine that has ever helped me - the energy issues - and my little health - catching cold - being so bitterly behind in my house and yard - and my lack of sleep.

Psalms 127:2b says "God grants sleep to those He loves." I commented that maybe God hates me. Jamie looked at me aghast and said, "Do NOT say things like that. You CAN'T mean that." Well, of COURSE I don't mean it. Isn't he used to the bizarre things that pour out of my mouth after 22 years?! It was a Robynn comment because who could actually believe that every wakeful night is a curse from God? The verse is often quoted but taken out of its overall meaning.

So, then I spent another hour carrying on about how he should know that's what I meant and how I was just having a moment of despair and where could I go if not to him and how I was weary with pain and so on and so forth in diatribe manner and more tears and laments of how I'm just T-I-R-E-D! I was pretty sure he regretted saying ANYthing but he hung in there, which is no small feat.

When we got home from the party I was done-in and starting to feel worse. The kids had headed out to sleep-overs and I longed for my bed. And it's in those moments, when you think you're almost there and nothing else better happen, that clocks fall off the wall and smash you in the head and knock you to the floor. Irony, really. It was our huge wall clock that has "The Reilly Family - established 1986" emblazoned on it.

What kind of weird message from the Lord was this?! Remember what you have to be thankful for? Don't stack stuff on the "crappy" chic cabinet (Jamie likes to call it that instead of "shabby" chic 'cause that's just the way he is, being Mr. Irreverent and all) because you might bump it and cause the clock to fall off? Here's a concussion and that should help you sleep if you don't think I love you?

I was still sorting out the meaning an hour later with a cartoon-sized bump on my head, an ice-pack, and visual disturbances. And that's how I fell asleep. But, hey, I slept!


  1. Let me be the first to comment. I am glad you slept no matter how it came about. Love you C

  2. I am lauging sooooooooo hard! I'm so sorry you felt so awful, but I was glad you were there to maybe gain some joy from your crazy friends. Love you!

  3. I guess you never know how a gift will be packaged, huh? I love that you find humor no matter what!

  4. Boy, howdy! Talk about a curve ball! wow..... :-)
    It was fun to see you last night. I think we need to plan a date to see the Tim Hawkins video that we own with you guys. At least we could ensure that we die laughing instead of from clock concussions. :-p

    Kaylee bean
    P.S. I think if there was nothing else to laugh at in the world except the WORD VERIFICATION thingy that you have to type here, that would be enough -- I have to type "bingst" to be able to comment!!!!! hahahahahaha......*sigh* ha

  5. I take sleep very seriously, and I'm VERY GRATEFUL for medication which enables me to get some "shut eye".

    Sorry about the bump on your head.

    My husband will love the "Crappy" Chic reference, as he constantly makes derogatory remarks about distressed furniture, when I'm watching shows on HGTV.

    Have "your ears been burning"? I posted about you today!

  6. Please let it be known that had I not gone last night I would have been home having a ridiculous pity party. I'm SO glad I was there! And I'll take my material where I can get it, even if it falls off walls.

    Please welcome "Neas" from Neas Nuttiness." She is a new friend from cyberspace who was nice enough to give me my own write-up on HER blog today!! So very kind. She has lots of fun and inspiration over should check her out. She also was the inspiration for another newcomer today, Tatersmama, who comes in from Australia. Lots of fun. I am touched, blessed, and nearly unconcious from all the goings-on in my life in the last 24 hours. Thanks to all y'all (and I'm not even from Texas.) Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Robynn, it was great seeing you at the party and getting to spend a few minutes getting to know you better. I'm so glad you shared your blog address with me and invited me to join in your fun and angst, whichever the case may be. I can't wait to have the time to get on here and get my own blog started apart from Carepages. Thanks for sharing it with me.
    Sherri Udall

  8. Hey Sherri!

    Good to visit with you last night, too, and thanks for dropping by the blog. Get it goin' girl! You need the outlet for yourself. It's great to have a "mom" space, especially when you've been through so much, as you all have. Drop on by anytime.


  9. I am glad you slept even though it came about in a strange way. I posted on your crazy post about your bluetooth episode. I also came over here from Neas Nuttiness.