Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Riotous Good Time

If you do nothing else for yourself today, please do this one thing: Go to Stopped By the Police .

This is located at the site of "Ladybird World Mother" and you are in for a rollicking good time. She is brilliantly funny and you have to promise to come back here and tell me if you laughed as loud and uproariously as I did - okay, I won't MAKE you but I'll probably whine and discuss it at dinner if you don't. (Laughs are always more fun when they're shared.)

Read the comments, too, especially the one about the father who took his girls to "The Sewerage" for a day of fun. Ladybird hails from the United Kingdom and you will hear a different turn of phrase that is also refreshing and entertaining.

Now go, have fun!

P.S. I added a World Map, Visitor Counter, and Location Tracker on Sunday so I can see the places people come in from (do not end sentences with prepositions unless you're completely lazy, like me). It's made it lots of fun to check on the blog (like it wasn't before and I'm not unabashedly addicted to reading every word that drips from your lips, or brain, as it were). Look for yourself if you'd like. Here's a big HELLOOOO! to all of you coming in from everywhere and a THANK YOU! as well. Who knew I had friends in so many places? (And parenthetical thoughts and the use of parenthesis should be severly limited in any well written work.) But I'm not a well writer.


  1. Oh, Robynn!! You are just so kind and lovely. I see that quite a few people have come by... (but...sshh, say this v e r y q u i e t l y , they haven't left a comment!!!)
    Very cheered by your enthusiasm anyway, and that of your gorgeous children. XXX
    Isnt this blogging lark wonderful!

  2. Hi Robyn - thanks for stopping by my site today. I'm loving your style of writing, so funny and well done (even with the prepositions on the end). :)

  3. Oh I laughed out loud ... good stuff! Brought back some memories too.

  4. Oh man, that was funny. It's amazing how much really does fit in a car. I discovered that when we moved last year. The list the movers would NOT move for us was HUGE! So I had to haul it all over in Rovey for 3 months. Houseplants, housetrees, chemicals, cleaners, any opened food/pantry items, any personal paperwork, matches, fireworks, (yes, we keep those on hand, I have no idea why.) Not to mention spring and summer clothes, and all the other junk you collect while living in a hotel. Basically, my car was a bomb on four wheels I felt scared every time I got in it. Boy was I glad to have a house again.

  5. Ladybird: Indeed the "blogging lark" is wonderful - and my kiddos now insist we call the garbage can a "wheelie bin." They are easily enamored of all things British - too much Austen, Tolkien, and Rowling. Hannah wants to do a college semester in London, through her university, and will probably come home completely obnoxious and make us all try to sound intelligent (an elephantine undertaking).

    Tabitha: Thank you for your kind words and for allowing me the prepositional ending. It really is lazy, and I would care about that but, I just can't work up to it.

    Linda: Would love to know what memories that evoked for you. Maybe you'll blog about it.

    Naomi: I love that you keep fireworks! Probably for those moments when festivity just hits you. I had no idea so many things are not allowed on a moving van. I haven't moved in 20 years but moved 35 times before that and always with everything hanging out of cars and truck beds. I once dropped a mattress out of a truck bed, it was run over, and I slept on it anyway for quite awhile. I just avoided the tire tread marks.

  6. Haha! I know someone who lost their mattress on the side of the road. He still had his giant TV tho, so didn't care. Cracks me up. And ya know what else I forgot isn't allowed by the moving company? GUNS. Yeah. So, I had cases and cases of guns and ammo rattling around in there with us too. The more I think about this, the more thankful I am that we didn't "bisplode" as my kids call it.

  7. Robynn - I always check my Bloggy Friends posts, by reading my blog roll on my dashboard. I thought that maybe you had gone on vacation or something, because no new posts had shown up. Dumb me, I has your old URL on it.
    As soon as I get back from the hospital late this afternoon, I will start catching up on the posts that I missed.

    Thanks for checking in with me - I so love your comments!!!

    Hugs - Libby