Friday, January 16, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Okay, I'm in the dressing room again and trying this on for size. You all are my 3-way mirror. Tell me if you think this new design makes my butt look big(ger).

I just figure I'm like the neighbor who's jonesin' to tell you somethin' over the fence every ten minutes, so, maybe the fence motif would work for me....for a week or two. I cannot find the look I want. My daughter is writing all the code for my web launch sometime in the spring. Maybe then I will finally capture what I want. It's her senior project so I don't even feel guilty (like I was really going to)....

And the grey/brown theme on the other page just really wasn't me. I like color. Too much sometimes. I'd be the Dolly Parton of blogs if I let myself go. Dolly says she's always enjoyed dressing up to where she practically looks like a call girl. She is attracted to the cheapest make-up, flashiest earrings, baubles, hair, perfume, eyelashes. That's probably what my blog would look like minus the scratch-n-sniff for the perfume. (You can just hang on to one of those samples that falls out of the "Oprah" magazine, or "Sod 'n Clod" or whatever....) Except I really like the outdoors, and the mountains especially. How do you combine all of those things into one tasteful presentation?

Let me know what you're thinkin' and please put up with me while I parade around in my boa and bright red lipstick. I'll find my look, I suppose, but if you have any suggestions, I'd love to look through your closet. Just tell me where to go. Well, you know what I mean.........


  1. I like the picket fence, very homey. It's hard finding just the right background. I am constantly looking but still have yet to find the "perfect" one. Good luck in your quest.

  2. Ahem...
    Okay, you want honesty, right?
    I LIKE this one, but IMO (like that counts for something) this one just isn't "you".
    There's nuthin' "Dolly Parton-esque" about it, so maybe see if your daughter can help you find some false eyelashes and some glittery stuff, to help dress them there pickets up.

    (oh geez... you still like me, don't you?)

  3. I think that this background is adorable!
    Tatersmama is a fruitcake...and she was probably plastered on tequila when she commented;)

  4. I like it, very cute. But honestly, you're one of a kind, and I think you need a one-of-a-kind design on your blog. I have no clue how to design a site, but I'm sure there are plenty of people out there than can take all the parts of you and make a stunning stage for your blog. Good luck!

  5. Pay no attention to me... or to Libby either.
    I was plastered on COUGH medicine, not tequila. I don't know where she got that idea! ;o) If you mix it with sugar and lemon, plain tequila becomes cough medicine.
    Everybody knows that! *snort*

  6. I like it too.
    I know what you mean though. I like dress up and flashy. Bright colors and neon.
    I like change.
    I am one to rearrange the furniture every other week. The cat and the husband don't know where their ex-favorite places to sit might end up next.