Thursday, January 29, 2009

Observational Twitter 9


"People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Proverb of unknown origins


"People who live in glass houses should shower at the gym." Robynn Reilly

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  1. Ha Ha Ha - love the showers quote! :)

    And I think I found Ladybird through YOU, somehow. There was an organized pantry in there somewhere... Anyway, thank you and thanks for stopping by All Astonishment. I see that you are a Jane Austen fan also.

  2. Ahhh too funny!!

    Love your mountain shots. I know we'll be in some Mt. ridge someday, although my heart is on the foggy coastline.

    Christian is my close friend's child. We homeschoolin' moms have formed a tight-knit group locally and we have a huge tendency to care for one another when issues arise. He finally came home today...recovery will go much faster. Praise the Lord!

    Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your prayers!!