Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ma "Barkers" Gang

I just posted about my dogs last night so it would seem fitting that I’d be barking today. The cold I was whining about a few posts ago turned into the creepin-crud, which means I’ll be more of a joy than usual to live around. Nothing like hearing someone coughing up a lung to beautify your day. The dogs don’t care though. They’re on the bed with me, upstairs, and as long as I look out the window when I start barking, they join in and think we’re having a party up here. Anyone outside who appears in our line of vision gets heck from us.

And that’s the thing about dogs that we all know: they love us no matter what and they’re always happy just to hang out. Minky, our new Border Collie pup, is so thrilled at the sound of my key in the door she nearly turns herself inside out bawling and yipping. I haven’t had a reception like that in years. (I think Jamie and I were dating.) Even our old dog, Jo, saves those free-for-alls for extended absences. She has her dignity you know.

So here we are....holed up and hackingly happy.....and those kids are gone at another sleep over/party. They get out more than juicy gossip. So much for the myth of homeschooled kids not having a social life. It's me you should worry about. I've gone to the dogs.


  1. Hmmm... Is just plain "barking in bed" the same thing as "barking mad"? Let's hope not!
    I'm glad that you've got some good friends to keep you company, but I hope you fell MUCH better soon!

  2. Bummer that you feel yucky! Your new puppy is soooooo adorable. I need to come for a dog visit. That should make you feel loved. "Yeah, Reg came to see my dog, not me". Lots of rest & water (so you can pee every 1/2 fun) Get well soon!

  3. Be careul...all that "barking" can draw in the coyotes! Then you'll really be in for some "fun"!
    Sure hope you feel better soon! I've got two yorkies who snuggle as tight as a noose with me...and I wouldn't trade their love and warmth!

  4. So sorry you are sick - it is going around and around. We personally have shared it from the kid/grandkids to us to pajon and the gift goes on. Lots of water and a good deconjestant from the DR did the trick for us. We missed you at the party yesterday -it was fun, Dad was surprised and thanks for not coming and starting the cycle all over again. You have the right idea lots of time in bed! Love you C

  5. Hope you feel better soon!
    As old as my dogs are...I still get a rousing reception whenever I leave - even if its' just to go out and get the mail.I love it!!!

  6. I'm just now getting over it ... what's it been, 3 weeks of hacking? Sorry to spread the joy. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  7. Oh gee! That is no fun! I hope you feel better soon. I have been fortunate to not get that hacking cough thingy in ages. I can't remember when I have had that kind of thing. Oh I can't believe this, my word verification is "latte". Maybe that means I better go and have one. Heehee.