Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm In Love With Herding Dogs

Introducing baby "Minky"

Not ready to leave my mama yet

4 months old and livin' large at my new home

I look innocent when you want me to pose...

But I'm actually packin'.....think "Aliens" meets "Jaws"

Do you see the knowing, tired look on my older sister's face? Her name is "Jo Jo" and she's 11.

Witness Jo Jo's happy, carefree days a few months ago with her boy. Now I stay constantly attached to any available part of her body - preferably her jowls - just like a tick.

Jo Jo has the title "Best Dog in the Whole Wide World" least to her family. (I have a way to go to earn my stripes and get a title like that.) She has raised two kids, chased off bad cats, protected good cats, and even been bear bait. (My HM - human mama - will have to tell you that's a good one, except to Jo.) Her daddy was a working McNab and her mama was a McNab/Border Collie. I am from a working class family. My mama is the most beautiful, gentle Australian Shepherd family pet, and my daddy is a rough and tumble, get-r-done, cattle-drivin' Border Collie. You know opposites attract. My Aussie mama didn't like my teeth either and was glad to see me go, for Pete's sake. Her last, snappy words to me were, "Get off a me!" Geez.

These are the beautiful kids Jo Jo is raising.

She just took them on a backpacking trip to Cliff Lake in the Sierra MountainsIt was a big trip for an old dog but Jo says, "If something was gonna kill me, I'd want it to be this."

My HM will be dropping in tomorrow to tell you why not even my teeth can deter her from falling madly in love with me. Apparently, what I lack in dental discretion I make up for in love and enthusiasm.


  1. Awww... Minky, that was a very good post and you did a very good job with it! GOOD BOY!!
    Will you be guest blogging occasionally, or was this just a one-off assignment for you? Maybe next time, you can get Jo Jo to do one as well, and we can hear about you and your family from her older, more experienced point of view?
    You also have some pretty impressive chompers goin' on there boy, and I was quivering in my boots!
    What a fine, beautiful looking boy you are... and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you in the future !

  2. ell, thank you TM, I keep tellin' my HM that this should be MY blog and SHE's the one who should only come on occasionally. When you're as cute as I am I think I should get all the attention.

    I guess I was a little negligent in not mentioning that I'm actually a girl dog. No offense taken mind you....I suppose I just presumed no boy dog could be as good lookin' as me and, truth be told, you probably thought so, too, but were afraid you'd insult me if you said so.

    I bet there are a lot of great working dogs in Australia where you are. Show my picture around and tell 'em all they can send fan mail to the cute celebrity in California. Oh, and Jo Jo? What could she possibly have to say that would be more interesting than me? I hope my HM doesn't read your suggestion. She'd probably think it was GOOD one! Thank you for coming over. I'm so happy you like me. And "woof" back to you!

  3. Border Collie? Don't they need a LOT of exercise and stimulation?
    Great Pictures!

  4. So cute ... my grandfather had a dog just like you ... brought back a lot of memories for me.

  5. adorable....adorable....simply adorable. Dogs don't come any cuter than that I think. wow. :-)

  6. Awesome! So Minky have you met my granddoggy Cayman? He has is own blog over at

    Uh oh,maybe I shouldn't have told you these. You may end up pestering your HM to get your own blog. Well, I still think you would enjoy meeting my granddoggy.

  7. Ms. Neabear....I visited your granddoggy and he is very handsome (if I were to notice that sort of thing) and he's noble, too, which is even more important. Thank you for letting me know about him!


  8. Absolutely adorable! Border Collies are the best! We just got a new 6 month old that is huge! But he's fun and clumbsy yet. Does show huge promise for working too!
    Unfortunately, our Old guy Mac, who's literally, walking his last mile. It's going to be a VERY sad day...very soon. We lost his Mom last year, his Grandmom 2 yrs ago. Our linage will come to an end.
    I love the pictures in the Sierra Mtns!