Thursday, January 15, 2009

Delurking Day '09 I'm a few days late for it to actually be "Delurking Day." What's new? I will unofficially declare "Delurking Week." Some of you in my personal friend group are new to the blogging world so I'll explain. A lurker is someone who stops in and reads your blog but never let's you know. You don't know it but bloggers love you and want to be able to thank and fully appreciate you! the interest of all that stuff I'm throwin' at the wall hoping some will stick.....would you mind just taking a moment and leaving a comment? Or maybe you really want to make my day and you would be willing to sign up as a follower. Yes, I AM that needy and pathetic. You have no idea that my daily self-esteem is completely based on whether or not I hear from people. Yes, I AM that shallow. Okay, maybe there is more to me but I really don't have time to plumb it and find out. In fact, there are a lot of plumbing issues around here I don't have time to get to.

Go ahead, make my day and tell me you love me or hate me.
Nevermind that last part.


  1. Hi Mrs. Reilly!!!!! Here I am!!!! I love you!!!!!

    Kaylee :-)

  2. Hey Rob. I would never delurk you. :-)

  3. Well of course I love ya. You already knew that, disn't you?? ;-)

  4. I love ya - so I'm giving you another award. Come on over and get it, if you want it!
    Hey - I'm've got more followers that I do:(

  5. Hi Robynn!! I am here totally enjoying the delight of you and your stories. You make me smile, laugh, ponder...and I have just learned that we are both really mountain girls. :) When I retire, I am going for that same log cabin. Give me a call if you ever just need a walk in the woods. It's one of my favorite things to do!!! love, Pam