Saturday, January 3, 2009

Decorating - Gotta Do It

You all have such great sites and here I am, sitting around with "Generic Blog Background #who knows." (I'm trying this one on but I'll probably go back into the changing room even though I HATE those LIGHTS!! Do ANY of us look good in the changing room? More about that later....) So, today I'm searching and figuring out what to get because I want something reflective of me - quick glance in the mirror, maybe not.

My hair looks like I styled it with my Kitchen Aid, my sweat-shirt is older than my thirteen-year-old son, and underneath it I have a workout t-shirt with a pocket on it. The pocket is significant because I constantly carry dog treats in it since I'm training a puppy. And that gets rather strangely obscene looking because my puppy is always jumping up on me and rooting around the pocket right over my bosom-age, as if she's trying to nurse.....takes some explaining.....and in so doing she chewed a hole in the pocket. And my pants were actually okay until about two hours ago when the same puppy jumped up on me, grabbed on, and tore a hole in them. You can see how well the training is going. "The Dog Whisperer" is safe. No threat from me.

The puppy's name is "Minky," short for Minkler, a family name. It was far more complicated than naming a child because then it was just the two of us arguing over names. This twerp has four parents (what with the two kids and all) and everyone of us had to agree. And you might ask, "And THIS is what you came up with?" What can I say.

Minky will be the subject of my next post because, unlike my teenagers, she's actually happy to see me and that kinda goes to my head. Oh, here I go. I better stop and fix up my "home" so it's more fun for all of us. I'll be able to post pictures, too, and will let you meet Minky and her teeth.

Hope you all have a great day and I'm sure you're looking better than I am! (And I don't plan to do anything about it. My husband......WHAT a lucky guy! Woohoo honey!)


  1. Hey, I'm looking forward to meeting Minky! Teeth or no teeth.

    The "new house" is looking great and I love the colors you've chosen! Goodonya, as we say here in Oz. Which sounds totally stupid I know, but it's what we say. *snort*
    And you know that the "Hair styled by Kitchen Aid" comment?
    Well, let me just say... I'll send you my address because girl.. you owe me some Depends and a good computer screen clean !
    (Note to self: Do NOT drink anything in future, while reading Robynn's blog!)

  2. The Depends are on the way and I'm including Crisco! That'll make 'em wonder! lol

  3. OH My! I found my way here through Tater and this is hilarious! I'm looking forward to more visits here to keep my laughter up! One can never have too much!
    ...but unlike Tater...Depends is not my choice..I'll sit crossed legged to read here!