Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Breast and the Beast

For You....My Dear, Sweet Friend

(and you know who you are...)

I am declaring today a "Breast Cancer Awareness Day" in honor of one of my dearest friends.

She got the news yesterday that no one wants to hear.
She will overcome....she is strong....she caught it early.....she did her mammograms.....
she is overwhelmed. all my friends here, female (AND male, because you have wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, and others), go to the phone and make that mammogram appointment. I did. Mine's overdue. Is yours?

Don't put it off. I realize there are other methods of detection. There is ultrasound, thermography, even MRI. But like the Nike commercial says, "Just Do It." Do something. Do your self-exam. But just don't pretend you don't have breasts and they don't need your attention. You don't want them to remind you.

When this is over and you are healed....

And you will be....

We will fly the flags and celebrate.....

As only we can.

I'm here....always will you have always been for me. I'm asking for prayer on your behalf and there are lots of wonderful people here who will lift you up.


  1. Just thought I'd comment and let you know that the words cannot be seen when they are yellow on top of a white backround. :-)

    See ya tomorrow!
    Kaylee bean

  2. Robynn - I'm so sorry about your friend. My mother-in-law and my dear friend Becky have both battled breast cancer and WON. I just got my notice in the mail this week, that my mammogram is due, so I will pick up the phone on Monday and make my appointment.
    I also wanted you to know that you and all your readers can go to

    Put it out your favorites and drop by each day - and click! That's all it takes, to help raise money for women who cannot afford a mammogram!

    As far as the award(s) you can take all the time in the world to "pick 'em up".

  3. Put it ON your favorites - someday I will learn to proof read before hitting that publish button!!!

  4. As someone who's been through a scare myself and watched my own mother deal with breast cancer, THANK YOU for the reminder.

    I'll be praying for your friend.

  5. Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers. And well, any friend of yours has to be a pretty strong person!

  6. Your friend is in my thoughts and prayers... as are ALL women who have to deal with this issue.

    We can never say it enough.
    Get out there and get your mammies-grammed!

  7. Robynn,
    I'll say a prayer tonight for your friend. My mom had cancer 14 years ago now. She did a lot of natural things that helped her heal. If your friend would like to talk to someone about any of that just let me know. I know that as well read as you are, you are a great resource for her too.

  8. Robynn, give your friend my prayers and thoughts. I actually have 4 friends who were diagnosed, treated and they are all coming to the end of their 10 year "watch time".
    I always have a pink ribbon on my coat....
    (Just did mine one month ago.)

  9. oh...all four are getting clean bills of health!! (forgot to add that) there is a ton of success in the treatments.

  10. Thank you ALL so much!! My dear friend, and it's the one I met in New York, is very encouraged by all your prayers and great news and renewed by your words. I talked to her today. You're the best!

  11. I hope that, three months later, your friend is well on her journey to healing. It is overwhelming at the beginning, and I am grateful to people like you who immediately step up to the plate to support their friends at a time when they need it most!