Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Big Girl Panties

Thank you to all of you for your prayers and thoughts these last few days. They have helped me more than I can express. I've read and reread your comments. Do you all do that? It's like a little visit each time and it helps all over again.

But now, it's time to put on my big girl panties and move forward a little.

I have a lot of ideas in the cooker for articles. Just waiting for my heart to cooperate. It will. In the meantime, nothing says "Buck up" like organizing. That's why I do it so rarely. I don't like being told to "Buck up." It's rude. But today I'm gutting a corner. Wow. Nothing like long-term committment. But it's a corner that actually has bi-fold doors off the entry leading to the study/schoolroom. I haven't opened them in quite awhile. Didn't really want to as I needed to use it as wall space more. I put the old Mission rocker in front of them. We bought the rocker from a gal down the road who had a true "estate" sale. Her grandfather sat in it out on his front porch for as long as she could remember. The sale wasn't advertised and there weren't many people so a lot came home with us. We bought a couple of quilts, some china, furniture. But it has all remained "Mel's." That was her name. We thought her identity should come with the treasures.

ANYway...WHAT was I saying? (You should try listening to me in PERSON. My friends that have to can testify, I'm sure...) Oh....well, the rocker has quite a following now. Many have gathered around migrating down from shelves, out of closets......runaways from filing cabinets. The "trash-y" are even there (but what's a gathering without a little color?) So it's time to chase them all off and back to where they belong. And open the doors. And shed light. And downsize. And distract myself. And actually have that sense of accomplishment that is healing in its own right.

Wish me luck....I'm goin' in and hopefully, coming out with something to show for it besides a clean rocking chair and 315 little piles.


  1. Thanks for dropping by over at The Queen's Blog and leaving a comment...visitors are always special! I took your advice and visited your site today and read back a few posts to see why your heart was so heavy. O sweet Robynn, my heart is with you in the loss of your very special Kitty Baby. You gave her the very best thing an animal can have: a family that loved her. Know I'm saying a special prayer of peace for Kitty Baby and serenity for you.

  2. Hi Robynn, nice to meet you through our friend Tatersmama. Thanks for stopping by my blog too, I hope you enjoy my thoughts and reflections about God.
    Hope you're feeling better each day and the fog in your head and heart starts to clear.
    Blessings and Love

  3. Oh hun, I know you can do it. And if you're left with a couple of piles, who really cares? But maybe it will help take your mind of of things for awhile.
    ( ya know...I like my friends to have the same traits as me - so don't go too neat-nick, okay?)

    One of these days, I'm gonna do a blog where I bare my soul and my messy bedroom for everyone to see... and we'll just see if that kicks my proverbial, procrastinating arse in gear!

  4. Hun, I just read your comment on my blog, and I'm hoping that you called the kids over to see pics of the possums... and not the pic of the possum poop! Now THAT would be a little weird!

    I hope you're having a good day, darlin'.

  5. Then you know me well because we're pretty weird around here, TM. :) We would have to see everything. It just wouldn't be right any other way. What's a little possum poop between friends?

  6. Since you did such a good job on your corner, I'm inviting you over to help me with all my Christmas decorations. They need to come down, get wrapped up, and put away. The bins need to be cleaned out, and old stuff tossed. I'm waiting...just let me know when you'll be here:)
    Hey Tatersmama - you show me your bedroom, and I'll show you mine!

  7. Hey Libby...just a quick question....ARE YOU NUTS?! Well, you and I have become friends so you must be but aside from that, please know this: this may be my only organizing job for the whole year. I got it out of the way early so I could take the rest of the year off. I'll send you Hannah to do the tree. She did ours today. The rest of the decos will come down sometime or other.

    She's wrapping ornaments as we speak. What a GOOD girl!

  8. Good luck with the organizing. I need to take down my Christmas things. Now that the 12 days of Christmas is past I need to get busy. Been too tired each day after work. Maybe today, definitely tomorrow. Seems I live for Saturdays.