Friday, December 26, 2008

Observational Twitter 5

False Advertising:

"Victoria's Secret."

Truth in Advertising:

"Victoria Doesn't Have Any Secrets."

A prominently well-known fact to any mother accompanying a son through the mall at Christmas and past the display window.

Copyright 2008


  1. I hear ya ... the obvious attempts at avoiding looking in that direction even though you know he caught a glimpse and it embarrassed, yet intrigued, the young boy at the same time and had mom not been there chances are he'd gawk like crazy and hey, he's just too young to be going there. I'm just sayin' ... at least that's my experience ... been there.

  2. Re: Dec. 26th '08 post Twitter #5...
    Ha! THAT is funny. YOU are funny. I have been reading your blog from the start when I get a chance here and there. Am thoroughly enjoying it. Love the Christmas stories and the giving back and reading about your Christmas as a child when people starting coming to the door.... oh, and your health issues and docs... whew! No wonder you're so neat ... you have "perspective". Not everyone does.
    Well, will go back to reading while I still have a bit of time.
    And thank you so for all your kind comments to me -it's neat to get feedback and you're so kind to take the time (and you can use the Daddies hang the moon quote!). You are a special soul!