Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Observational Twitter 4


"Necessity is the mother of invention." Plato


"If necessity is the mother of invention, laziness is the father." Robynn Reilly

(No men were injured during the making of this quote and any relation to persons living or dead is unintended.....although, didn't Plato just sit around telling everybody he couldn't be bothered because he was thinking? I'm just saying.......)

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  1. Glad you liked this one Ninny Nan. I just wonder no one ever asked about the father before. If "Invention" had a mother, then, by default, she had a father. And "Necessity" cannot be presumed to be always and only altruistic. I have invented a few things out of laziness. Like tying messages onto the dog's collar and sending her to the kids so I didn't have to go up and down the stairs. It wasn't really a necessity. I was just lazy! Voila! There's the other parent.