Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am grappling with guilt.

As I pondered my blog today it occurred to me that writing a blog might be an exercise in self aggrandizement. I mean, by its very nature aren't I saying, "Hey! Look at me and be riveted by my fascinating exploits and intrigues?" I guess if you're a biographer or journalist (and other good examples I'm too lazy to recall right now), you're writing about other people and issues. But aren't you still saying, "I can tell that story better than anyone else?" Maybe. If you are, if I am, all I have to say is, "We better be right, Bucky."

Hoping I won't let you down. Oh for Pete's sake. You KNOW I will. That'll be good for me, too. I'll get over all this naval gazing. Hey, is that lint?

Copyright 12/08


  1. I have thought the very same thing! I even contemplated giving up the blog because of it...I guess I moved past that!! We all need a little ego to make us do those things we would otherwise not have the courage to do... singing for me. The Good Lord knows how to keep us balanced and humble. Keep writing!!! :)

  2. Thanks Reg! I love to read what others blog about so I'm moving to that category. God gives us all desires and opportunities so I guess it's carpe diem.....or carpe carp, as we say in our house: "Sieze the fish!"

  3. Or you can think of it as filling the role of the writer (even a humorist) by articulating the thoughts and feelings most of us feel but are too proud or clumsy to share.

  4. Hey Brand New Dad!!! Thanks for the kind words. We were just talking about you and wondering how you and the little fam are adjusting this week. Thanks for stopping by!